Narmada Bachao Andolan condemns arbitrary arrest of Yogendra Yadav and Swaraj Abhiyaan Saathi: Demands Immediate release

Narmada Bachao Andolan condemns arbitrary arrest of Yogendra Yadav and Swaraj Abhiyaan Saathi: Demands Immediate release

 Badwani| 11th August, 2015: United Struggle against pro-corporate anti-farmer policies of ‘Modi Raj’ shall intensify. Narmada Bachao Andolan condemns the arbitrary arrest of Yogendra Yadav and other Saathis of Swaraj Abhiyaan in the middle of the night at Delhi.

The 10-day Yatra by Shri.Yadav and the Abhiyaan has met and united thousands of framers across different states raising the plight of the entire agriculture sector and the regressive policies of the NDA Govt. which is purely a threat to farmers, agricultural laborers, fisher people and other rural communities.

The Yatris were in a peaceful march towards Race Course road to install a memorial in respect of the farmers, who were compelled to give up their lives as a result of the anti-farmer policies of the government and there was no reason for the arrest.

The arrest betrays the ‘heat’ and ‘threat ‘ being faced by the Modi govt. from farmers-workers agitations across the country which has already back tracked on its anti farmer changes to the land acquisition Act, 2015.

Thousands of ousters from the Narmada valley challenging the unlawful construction of the Sardar Sarovar demand inhuman displacement of 2.5 lakh people have kick-started a Padayatra from 6th August and shall embark on an intense, indefinite Satyagraha at Rajghat (Badwani) from12th August. Passing through the highly fertile riverbank villages of Piplud, Kundiya, Kasarwad today hundreds of Yatris demanded immediate release of Yogendra Yadav and Swaraj Abhiyaan Sathis and calls upon Government of India to seriously consider all the demands and suggestions of the Abhiyaan,in the interest of the farming-working community of the nation.

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Scrap Land Acquisition Act and SEZ Act: ‘Jan Sansad’ (People’s Parliament) demands ‘Sansad’ (Indian Parliament)

Press Release

Scrap Land Acquisition Act and SEZ Act: ‘Jan Sansad’ demands ‘Sansad’

21 March 2012, New Delhi:

It was the second day at the National People’s Parliament that has ben going on in New Delhi’s Rajendra Bhawan. Attended by more than 350 people from across 20 states, the Jan Sansad debated two key issues during the day: 1) Agrarian Crisis & Food Security, 2) Assertion of People’s Politics, Democratic Governance and Electoral reforms.

In the context of ever-increasing numbers of farmer’s suicides and diversion of agricultural land for corporate interests, the Jan Saansads demanded that, laws and policies such as the Special Economic Zone and Land Acquisition Act, which aid the acquisition of fertile agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes, be scrapped with immediate effect. Lowered subsidies, increased use of pesticides and fertilisers, replacing indigenous sources with genetically modified seeds and BT Cotton, and lesser access to resources such as water and power are making it financially unviable for farmers to continue cultivation. “The NSSO’s survey shows that in 2005-2006 40% of the farmers were willing to stop cultivation if provided with any other source of livelihood. What does it tell about a government that hires an American consulting firm to prepare the vision document for agriculture in India by 2020?” asked Lingaraj Pradhan from Samajwadi Jan Parishad, Odisha.

This model of development, where agriculture is at the bottom of the pyramid and the service sector is at the top, needs to be challenged and reversed. Strongly advocating against diversion of agricultural land, Dr.Sunilam from Kisan Sangharsh Morcha, Madhya Pradesh said that, “The European model of viewing agriculture as a profit making business does not work in our country. Neither is it feasible to feed our population on imported grains.” It is inexcusable that even while taking away land from local farmers, the government is proposing that our farmers cultivate on land in Ethiopia. “The Indian Government is leasing lakhs of acres of land for as low as Rs.40 per acre per year in Ethiopia” said Chennaiah from Agricultural Workers Union (APVVU), Andhra Pradesh.

The session on People’s Politics and Electoral Reforms discussed issues in electoral processes and alternatives. Public intellectual and analyst Yogendra Yadav reiterated that there has to be sufficient debate in the Parliament and outside before any bill is passed. Acts such as the AFSPA and UAPA have no room in a democracy. Representing the Campaign for Electoral Reforms in India (CERI), MC Raj pointed out the flaws in the electoral democratic process in India and asked for comprehensive reforms – and not just temporary improvements by the Election Commission. The political representation process has gotten so weak that only the rich and elite could even contest elections to the parliament and assemblies. The Jan Sansad also demanded a process where Gram Sabhas consent, through referendum, will be sought before passing of legislations.

The Jan Sansad observed silence for the sudden demise of Matanhy Saldana, Chairperson of National Fishworkers Forum (NFF), who passed away early in the day. Mr. Saldana had recently won the Assembly elections in and was appointed the Minister of Environment & Forests and Tourism, Goa.

Lok Shakti Abhiyan, National Alliance of Peoples’ Movement

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