How to Save Elephants |

How to Save Elephants |


Nuclear threat to Badopal wildlife – The Economic Times

The undulating semi-arid landscape of Badopal village, about 10km from Fatehabad town, is a haven for blackbucks. About 500 blackbucks, deers, neelgai blue bull and other species inhabit the area, which has abundant food and other sources necessary for the survival of these animals. via Nuclear threat to Badopal wildlife - The Economic Times.

2 more Blackbucks killed near Fatehabad Nuc Plant

The metal fencing around the upcoming nuclear power plant site claimed two more blackbucks on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning at Badopal village of Fatehabad district. The Bishnoi community and residents of this area have approached Badopal police station against the developers, Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL). A total of six blackbucks have died... Continue Reading →

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