Delhi University Admission Scam 2012 – Conspiracy to deny admission to SC/ST students

Please watch the video on how the Ramjas College of DU is systematically denying admission to SC/ST students


India’s Whitening cream: Is it a Fair deal for women? Is it an Insult? or Is it a mere corporate gimmick? or Racism?

Feminists in the world’s largest democracy are angry about ads for a fairness cream for women’s intimate parts.

Some columnists believe the obsession with whitening products is symptomatic of racism [GALLO/GETTY]

Cosmetics for Indian women are assuming unhealthy tones.

A recent Indian advertisement for Clean and Dry, a vaginal wash which promises women fairer private parts, has led to an outcry among many in the country. The television ad shows a woman unhappy in the company of her husband, as he seems more interested in the morning paper than her. After a liberal use of the vaginal wash, the woman appears in shorts and beckons the man who swings her in his arms, suggesting happiness. The tagline of the ad says: “Life for women will now be fresher, cleaner and more importantly fairer and more intimate.”

Some 14,000 India farmers committed suicide in 2011

NEW DELHI: A new report published by India’s National Crime Records Bureau has revealed that some 14,000 farmers in the country killed themselves last year.

The report said that the number is a positive step in the right direction however, after nearly 16,000 farmers committed suicide the previous year.

However, the report warned that the number could be higher, as Chhattisgarh, which recorded 1,412 farmers committing suicide in 2010, reported none for 2011.

Maharashtra in the West of India reported the highest number of suicides, with 3,337, up from 3,141 the previous year.

“The numbers show an abysmal story of how the special packages for the non-irrigated, chronically drought-prone areas such as Bundelkhand and Vidarbha seem to have delivered little to the most needy,” said the report.

But there was room for hope, as the numbers are declining across India, with a peak year in 2004 reporting 18,241 suicides.

Besides the well known farming crisis states, it is the figures from states like Assam that startle. The northeast state recorded 312 deaths in 2011 and 269 in 2010.

Labor activists have repeatedly called on India to boost their assistance to farmers, but the government has yet to introduce new policies that could see the suicide rate decrease.


The Invisible War – a Groundbreaking investigative film on Rape within the US Military


It’s rare for any work of art to fundamentally reorient an adult man’s conception of an American institution, but that’s the strength of The Invisible War. For 1 ½ hours it remorselessly indicts – rightly – a toxic culture within the armed forces that tolerates the systematic violation of more than 16,000 women and men annually. Our commanders let sexual predators hunt their victims, escape justice and then return them to unsuspecting hometowns nationwide to perpetuate their crimes, all while piously pledging hollow promises to never tolerate that sort of misconduct.

THE INVISIBLE WAR is a groundbreaking investigative documentary about one of our country’s most shameful and best kept secrets: the epidemic of rape within our US military. Today, a female soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire with the number of assaults in the last decade alone in the hundreds of thousands.

Focusing on the powerfully emotional stories of several young women, the film reveals the systemic cover up of the crimes against them and follows their struggles to rebuild their lives and fight for justice. THE INVISIBLE WAR features hard-hitting interviews with high-ranking military officials and members of Congress that reveal the perfect storm conditions that exist for rape in the military, its history of cover-up, and what can be done to bring about much needed change.

WINNER – Nestor Almendros Award – 2012 Human Rights Watch Film Festival
WINNER – Silver Heart Award – 2012 Dallas International Film Festival
WINNER – Best Documentary – 2012 Seattle International Film Festival
WINNER – Best Documentary – 2012 Provincetown International Film Festival

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Operation Julian Assange: New Evidence on the Role of the U.S.

  While the Obama administration and its allies continue to deny the existence of a sealed US Grand Jury indictment against Julian Assange, further information has come to light about the extent of Washington’s operation against the founder of the WikiLeaks web site. Assange, who is fighting extradition to Sweden on dubious sexual assault allegations, is seeking political asylum in Ecuador and remains inside its embassy in London. He has good reason to fear that if he is extradited to Sweden, Washington will intervene, extraditing him to face a Grand Jury trial on espionage charges.

Calls to ban Coca-Cola

 Concern: A chemical found in all Coke drinks in the UK is at the centre of a health alert in the U.S. Calls to ban Coca-Cola colouring linked to cancer that is still available in Britain despite U.S. health alert
Campaigners to write to UK health ministers calling for an outright ban of the colouring Coca-Cola strenously denies there is any health risk to humans.

Doctor commits suicide allegedly provoked by CPM leader in West Bengal


MIDNAPORE: The wife of a doctor, who committed suicide by consuming an overdose of insulin injection, complained to the police that an influential CPM leader and six doctors of a local medical college provoked him to take his own life.

ASP (HQ) Kalyan Mukherjee said that Shalini Saha, Dr Bikram Saha’s wife, last night in an FIR lodged with the Kotowali police station here alleged that her husband was tormented by CPM state committee member Dipak Sarkar and six doctors of the Midnapore Medical College and Hospital to work for a local hospital run by a charitable organisation.

Dr Saha took an injection of overdose of insulin on June nine and died in a private hospital in Kolkata on June 13, the FIR alleged.

Dr Saha’s wife complained that Dipak Sarkar had been insisting on her husband to work in the Midnapore Paramedical Centre run by a charitable organization which is headed by Sarkar, the police said.

Six other doctors of Midnapore Medical College and Hospital also harassed him and insisted he join the paramedical centre, the police said.

An assistant professor of Midnapore Medical College and Hospital, Saha was depressed and was declared a psychiatric patient by a board of doctors in the hospital, the hospital officials said.

He did not attend the hospital for the past three years due to his illness, they said.

Sarkar, however, told reporters that he did not know any doctor named Dr Bikram Saha.