10 March 2016 – Protests in Delhi

Fishworkers Protest at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. Fishworkers from several parts of the country gathered at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi to protest against the government's policies towards the fisherfolk in the coastal regions of India. They demanded a separate ministry for fishing and criticized the government for allowing the constructions of innumerable ports without looking into... Continue Reading →


NAPM Strongly condemns the murder of Prof. MM Kalburgi

ANOTHER BLOW TO THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND DEMOCRACY OF THE COUNTRY – RELIGIOUS OUTFITS SHUNTING THE DOORS OF SECULARISM IN INDIA National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) strongly condemns the murder of senior rationalist scholar Prof. M M Kalburgi and demands Govt. to order a probe into the matter immediately August 31, 2015, New Delhi... Continue Reading →

Condemn the politics of Fundamentalism and Hate! Stop Suppression of Freedom of Expression!!

Condemn the politics of Fundamentalism and Hate! Stop Suppression of Freedom of Speech and Expression!! 3rd February 2015, New Delhi: In the wake of the 2015, India is seeing an upsurge of hate and fundamentalism on one hand and outright suppression of the right to free speech and expression on the other, with vigilante groups... Continue Reading →

In 2 Minutes An Indian Muslim Breaks 5 Stereotypes About Muslims

Courtesy: http://www.youthkiawaaz.com/2014/09/stereotypes-about-muslims/#at_pco=smlwn-1.0&at_si=542a5a8ac285fdcf&at_ab=per-4&at_pos=0&at_tot=1 At a time when we are faced with growing Islamophobia and communal polarisation being perpetrated by certain groups for vested interests, this audio blog by Saif Ahmad Khan comes as a very crucial intervention. Saif takes on 5 common prejudices that many people hold against Muslims, and counters each of them with tact and... Continue Reading →


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