National Hawkers Federation – Protest pictures

Members of National Hawkers Federation Protesting at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 27 August 2013.


Social Movements Calendar 2012 – August

Intercultural Resources' Social Movements Calendar 2012 is based on the theme Labour that documents a saga of labour struggles in India from Colonisation to Globalisation. The Month of August is dedicated to unorganised sector workers, especially the struggles of workers in the mammoth beedi industry in India.  

Social Movements Calendar – July 2012

Social Movements Calendar 2012,  depicts a saga of Labour struggles in India from Colonization to Globalisation. The Month of July is dedicated to the struggles of forest dwellers, Indigenous and tribal communities in India who are eternally struggling to reclaim their water, forest and land resources.

World Refugee Day is on Wednesday, 20 June 2012.

Refugee Hot Zones Around the World Civilians leaving eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Nearly 480,000 refugees from the DRC have fled the country, and increased attacks by the Lord's Resistance Army prompted many to leave in 2010. Below:  An Iraqi refugee camp on the Iranian border. Iran hosts about 1.1 million refugees, but that number... Continue Reading →

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