Uttarakhand High Court orders to evict Van Gujjars from forest

Press Note: Press Note  Strategy  meeting with the Van Gujjar community and other forest dependent communities in the light of the Uttarakhand High Court order to evict them  from Corbett to Rajaji National Parks in Uttrakhand.  4th Jan 2017, Press Club, Dehradun, Uttrakhand The Van Gujjar community and other traditional forest dwellers in the adjoining villages... Continue Reading →


Sardar Sarovar affected Adivasis obtain right to reservoir fisheries

Sardar Sarovar affected adivasis obtain right to reservoir fisheries Struggle by thousands of fish-workers in Narmada valley to continue 14th April, 2015: After 30 years long struggle by the adivasis in the Satpudas, affected by monstrous Sardar Sarovar Dam, 300 young and old adivasis have gained right to fisheries in the reservoir. Following years of pursuit with... Continue Reading →

Anti-POSCO Movement in Odisha – Update

Movement update from POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti. The spokesperson of the movement, Mr. Prashant Paikray writes: Dear Friends, It is time to reassure you that our people are continuing their protest unabated against the establishment of POSCO steel plant in the Jagatsinghpur district of Odisha, India. We are determined to continue our fight till POSCO withdraws... Continue Reading →

Give dissent a space – Fahad Hashmi

Give dissent a space - Fahad Hashmi, TwoCircles.net Of late Niyamgiri has caught the imagination of the country. A crisis is brewing there as the news has started coming. Across India, people apprehensive of being displaced have been resisting and protesting against the ‘development’ in their places. In other words this ‘development as project’ has also... Continue Reading →

Guatemala’s long road to justice | World War 4 Report

Woman from the indigenous Ixil community in the Guatemalan highlands holds a cross with the name of a family murdered in 1986 in the village of Sajsiban. On May 20, Guatemala's Constitutional Court overturned the historic guilty verdict of the nation's former military dictator Efraín Ríos Montt, who had been convicted of committing genocide and... Continue Reading →


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