Khedut Chetna Yatra (Farmers’ Awareness Yatra) – farmers’ attempt to wake the slumbering government

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19th May 2015
Editor/Bureau Chief,
Khedut Chetna Yatra (Farmers’ Awareness Yatra) – farmers’ attempt to wake the slumbering government
The newly elected NDA government, in December 2014, had sought to undermine the newly enacted and hitherto unimplemented LARR Act, 2013 through an ordinance. The ordinance was met with severe resistance and protest at the ground level from people’s organisations and farmers. Looking at the groundswell of opinion against the provisions of the ordinance, it looked as if the government would heed this voice and repeal the ordinance. Looking at the popular discontent against the ordinance, the RSS and its affiliate organisations like the Bharatiya Kisan Sangh and the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh also joined forces and gave an impression of being in solidarity with the farmers.
This was a charade; their compromise with the ruling dispensation was imminent. Their past record of misleading farmers is there before us; this is an addition to that list. Today’s newspaper reports suggest that the RSS has “realised” that the ordinance is in the interests of farmers and labourers.
Such blatant double-speak is only possible by the RSS. No other organisation in the country has ever cheated the people of the country like the RSS, in the name of religion and ‘Indian culture’. There can be no greater or better opportunity for the people of the country to recognise the reality of the RSS than this blatant betrayal. The public proclamations are an eyewash, the reality is diametrically opposed to the public face. The common people should look through this farce and rid society of such back-stabbing forces.
Sagar Rabari                           Chandubhai Shingala                          Dahyabhai Gajera
Jayesh Patel                            Pradyumnasinh Chudasama               Bharatsinh Jhala
Naranbhai Chauhan                Bhavubhai (Sandhida)

Gujarat Govt. turns a deaf ear to sugarcane farmers’ woes

Jameen Adhikar Aandolan Gujarat (JAAG)
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3rd April 2015
Editor/Bureau Chief,
 Ukai Sugar Mill bearing the brunt of GoG’s anti-farmer and anti-farm mindset
Romel Sutariya of AKSM threatens to self-immolate
President of BKS: “Congress government better than this (BJP) government”
The governments – both central and state (Gujarat) are apparently avenging some long-standing grudges against the farming community. The GoG gave no succour to farmers reeling under absurdly low prices of their monsoon crop; they yet toiled on in the hope of a good winter crop. Nature played spoilsport and the winter crops of wheat, cumin and grams were destroyed by unseasonal rains and hailstorm. Hortricultural crop like mango also suffered tremendous damage and yet there are no signs of the GoG announcing some help for the troubled farm sector.
On the other hand, sugarcane prices have upset the farmers. Owing to the announcement of very low prices for the sugarcane crops, there are reports of local BJP members/leaders tendering their resignations from the BJP, while the President of the Bharatiya Kisan Sangh (BKS) Shri Maganbhai Patel who was on a visit to Rajkot had to face the intense ire of the farmers and said: “The Congress governments were better than this (BJP) government”.
Suspicions over the intentions of politicians (land grab) in deliberate bankruptcy of sugar mills
Wages of farmers and labourers are pending with the corruption-ridden Ukai Cooperative Sugar Mill. The GoG has not been able to find the time to meet with Adivasi Kisan Sangharsh Morcha (AKSM) which is agitating for the dues of the labourers. When the Government of Gujarat can give thousands of crores of rupees to Tata Nano in loans, and in tax breaks and exemptions to the big corporate houses then why not for:
1.       Clearing the pending dues of the labourers of the Ukai Sugar Mill
2.      Clearing the pending dues of the farmers of the Ukai Sugar Mill
3.       Advancing a loan to the Ukai Sugar Mill to run the sugar factory.
If the sugar mill can be kept afloat then the livelihood of several hundred labourers and farmers will be protected.
All organisations and movements stand in solidarity with the legitimate claims of the Adivasi Kisan Sangharsh Morcha. If the government of Gujarat does not intervene to solve this issue then we would be forced to uncover this  anti-farm and anti-farmer attitude of the government to the people.
Sagar Rabari                                                                                                                                 Persis Ginwalla
Secretary (organisation)                                                                        Jameen Adhikar Andolan Gujarat