Prominent Indian Groups Support Struggle against Rampal Project

Press Release Prominent Indian Groups Support Struggle against Rampal Project  January 6, 2017: New Delhi Prominent people’s movements and other civil society organisations from India today extended their support and solidarity to the struggle against the India supported Rampal power project in Bangladesh, coinciding the Global Day of Protest called by the National Committee to... Continue Reading →


Uttarakhand High Court orders to evict Van Gujjars from forest

Press Note: Press Note  Strategy  meeting with the Van Gujjar community and other forest dependent communities in the light of the Uttarakhand High Court order to evict them  from Corbett to Rajaji National Parks in Uttrakhand.  4th Jan 2017, Press Club, Dehradun, Uttrakhand The Van Gujjar community and other traditional forest dwellers in the adjoining villages... Continue Reading →

Alarming Land Amendments in various states in India – A dangerous proposition for the poor Indian farmers

In the backdrop of the Land Ordinance fiasco at a national level it is imperative to constantly monitor individual states and what they are doing to the land acquisition policies. Draft changes to Land Act  that was presented in state legislature of Rajasthan (THE RAJASTHAN LAND ACQUISITION BILL, 2014) is alarming. According to the latest... Continue Reading →

People’s Movements announce National Bhu Adikar Jan Vikas Yatra

Day 14: Jeevan Adhikar Satyagraha People’s Movements announce National Bhu Adikar Jan Vikas Yatra 15 states decide intensive support actions: Country rallies for Narmada Stop Installation of SSP Gates: Review Sardar Sarovar 25th August, 2015: Support and solidarity kept soaring for the Narmada valley on the 14th day of the Jeevan Adhikar Satyagraha, a mass action by the... Continue Reading →

Tehri Dam – Even after 35 years civic amenities not completed

Even after 35 years civic amenities not completed State government can do from its resources After the 10 years of commissioning the Tehri Dam, oustees put question on state government. People are continuously sending letters regarding their problems to State Government. People along with Matu Jansangathan sent a letter to Chief Minister requesting that many... Continue Reading →

Protest Against Vedanta

As Vedanta Resources holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in London on 3rd August, we are back again with the Annual Global Day of Action against Vedanta. This year in Delhi, we shall hold an elaborate Funeral Ceremony for Vedanta with much pomp and grandeur. As relentless community-led struggles against Vedanta's destruction and looting rage... Continue Reading →

Tehri Dam After 10 Years

“After ten years” Land rights are still a misery in the Tehri Dam displacement regions. Since 1978 to present, The Tehri Dam affected people are struggling for the basic amenities like electricity, water, health services, educational facilities, bank, even the post offices and fencing to protect the agricultural crops from animals. Only 40% of Old... Continue Reading →

Ejectment Procedure over government/ forest land in Himachal Pradesh

Ejectment Procedure of encroachment over government/ forest land in HP Proceedings for the removal of encroachments on Government/forest land can be initiated under more than one set of laws. Action to remove an encroachment on the acquired width of a scheduled road can be taken by a Collector under the Himachal Pradesh Road Side Land... Continue Reading →

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