Papua New Guinea: Battered and Bruised women

Battered and Bruised - 101 East - Al Jazeera English.


New Zealand: New evidence about US operation to shut down Megaupload

New Zealand: New evidence about US operation to shut down Megaupload   By John Braddock 7 July 2012 Documentary evidence has been uncovered showing that American film industry executives worked closely with the Obama administration to take down the filesharing website Megaupload. The site’s founder, Kim Dotcom, a German-born New Zealand resident, and three business... Continue Reading →

Teachers strike across Australia’s largest state

  Teachers strike across Australia’s largest state By James Cogan 29 June 2012 About 50,000 public school teachers in New South Wales (NSW) defied a strike ban by the state industrial court and stopped work for 24 hours on Wednesday. Thousands attended meetings called by the NSW Teachers Federation (NSWTF) over the Local Schools Local... Continue Reading →

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