Protests over Jerusalem: 4 Dead and 100s wounded
Four dead, hundreds wounded as protests over Jerusalem hit second week

CNN 6h ago

Four Palestinians killed in bloodiest protests since US decision on Jerusalem

Washington Post 6h ago

4 Palestinians dead, hundreds injured in clashes ahead of Mike Pence’s visit

ABC News 10h ago

Local SourceWhite House ‘cannot envision situation’ where Western Wall is not part of Israel

The Times of Israel 9h ago

From IsraelMuslims won’t accept Jerusalem as capital of ‘terror state,’ says Erdogan

i24NEWS 8h ago

OpinionDonald Trump Seems Confused About Jerusalem

New York Times 2h ago

In DepthSigns of Arab-Israeli Detente in Aftermath of Trump’s Jerusalem Decision

U.S. News & World Report Dec 15, 2017

More Articles4 Palestinians killed, hundreds wounded in new wave of violence over US Jerusalem move

Daily News & Analysis 2h ago

White House expects Western Wall to be part of Israel

CBS News 10h ago

Jerusalem fallout: Deadly clashes between Palestinians, Israelis over US decision

Deutsche Welle 11h ago

A Palestinian State? What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Algemeiner 8h ago

Trump’s move on Jerusalem appeals more to his evangelical base than to Israelis

Jewish Chronicle 16h ago

Israel’s highest court rules it illegal for IDF to hold bodies of killed Palestinians

RT 19h ago

‘Every Friday rage for Jerusalem’, Hamas calls for Intifada

ANSAmed 16h ago

OIC’s decision not retaliation for US move: Presidential spokesperson

Hurriyet Daily News 21h ago

The Jihadist Genie Released After Trump’s Jerusalem Decision Has Yet to Be Put Back in Its Bottle

Haaretz Dec 15, 2017

It’s time for Muslim people’s cooperation

Yeni Şafak English 22h ago

A window of opportunity for Turkey-EU ties

Hurriyet Daily News Dec 15, 2017

Security officials: Hamas fears, readies for war

Ynetnews Dec 14, 2017

Hamas chief demands ‘the Islamic world makes every Friday a day of anger’ until Trump’s Jerusalem decision is …

Daily Mail Dec 14, 2017

Russia, China And India Remain Elusive On Status Of Jerusalem

Breitbart News Dec 14, 2017

Israeli deterrence against Hamas has collapsed

Ynetnews Dec 14, 2017

Airstrikes on Gaza after Hamas rocket attacks on Israel

The Times Dec 14, 2017

High court says Israel cannot hold terrorists’ bodies for hostage negotiations

i24NEWS Dec 14, 2017

No embassy move during Trump’s first term, Tillerson says

Arutz Sheva Dec 14, 2017

Abbas Says UN Should Replace US as Mideast Mediator

U.S. News & World Report Dec 14, 2017

The Power of Recognition

Jewish Journal Dec 14, 2017

Palestinian aide calls for boycott of Israeli products

Anadolu Agency Dec 14, 2017

Israel extends Palestinian boy’s detention period

Anadolu Agency Dec 14, 2017

White House: Abbas’s rhetoric ‘has prevented peace for years’

The Times of Israel Dec 13, 2017

Peace Through Raising Expectations

Jewish Journal Dec 14, 2017

Palestinians reject any future US role in peace process

Irish Times Dec 13, 2017

Muslim leaders declare ‘East Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine’

Deutsche Welle Dec 13, 2017

Palestinians Continue Protesting Trump’s Decision to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital

Democracy Now! Dec 13, 2017

Islamic leaders urge recognizing Jerusalem as ‘Palestine’s capital’

Kuwait Times Dec 14, 2017

Trump’s Jerusalem decision unites Muslim world against US

Newstalk ZB Dec 14, 2017

Israeli undercover unit breaks up Palestinian protest

Arab News Dec 13, 2017

Israeli Military Shoots Down Rockets Fired From Gaza Strip – IDF

Sputnik International Dec 14, 2017

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