Press Release: 31 Years after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy –

Press Release

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy – 31 years of injustice – ​​Don’t forget the martyrs of the Bhopal gas Tragedy
December 03rd, 2015 | New Delhi:

Over 60 people gathered in Jantar Mantar today to commemorate the 31st anniversary of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. After 31 years of the largest industrial disaster in the world. The victims and survivors of Bhopal remain without justice. Generations have felt the impacts of the gas, as its impacts are being passed down genetically. The compensation provided has been paltry and rehabilitation minimal. The result of studies on health impacts remain secret, health treatment has been denied and even cleaning up of the toxic waste at the plant has not taken place. On the other hand, Union Carbide and now Dow Chemicals, continue to enjoy impunity and continue their operations. The successive governments have not created any substantial policy changes to address, prevent or prepare for such future disasters, Rather they keep promoting greater investment in dangerous and toxic chemicals and nuclear energy.

Speaking at the protest, Usha Ramanathan pointed out that there is still no law established, which fixes corporate accountability in case of such accidents. Moreover the current Govt. is calling investors from across the world and giving away our land, water and forests, the only thing left now to give away are people’s lives! Usha Ramanathan, Kavita Krishnan, N.D Jaiprakash Dr. Sunilam and Kumar Sunderam stressed on how rather than ensuring industrial liability and people’s safety, the State has created and maintains a special security force for industrial protection! Geeta Ramkrishnan from Tamil Nadu pointed out how workers face the brunt of industrial accidents across the country, with absolutely no consequences for the companies. Kumar Sundaram also spoke to on behalf of everyone present to say that country cannot afford more such disasters, which is imminent with the current push for nuclear energy.
The survivors of Bhopal demand an urgent and unified action from the citizens of the country and ask the State and Central Governments to answer to them.
For more information contact Shabnam@ 9643349452 and Kumar Sundaram @9810556134

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