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Updates on Coal, Energy, IFIs: 2 Dec, 2015

A.Coal & Energy​

  1. Putting China’s coal consumption into context:
  2. Federal EPA delays NC coal ash cleanup efforts:
  3. Solar or Coal? The Energy India Picks May Decide Earth’s Fate:
  4. Climate summit: Coal will continue to be the mainstay of India’s energy basket, says government official :
  5. After ban on coal-mining, people from Meghalaya are taking to turmeric farming:
  6. India will not apologise about coal use: Piyush Goyal :​​
  7. German climate goals for 2030 and 2040 require coal exit:
  8. India calls out rich nations’ figures on climate funds. Here’s how:
  9. Greens see red over national park tunnel:
  10. Climate change not of India’s making, rich nations to blame: Modi:
  11. India Sanctions USD 2.5mln For Poor Nations As Paris Climate Summit Begins:
  12. $1 billion climate finance from aid budget:
  13. Climate action plans of poorest nations to cost $1 trillion:
  14. World leaders call for action at Paris climate talks – as it happened:
  15. The economic impact of climate change in Southeast Asia:
  16. India taking energy demand lead:
  17. MPs raise environmental concerns over third runway at Heathrow:
  18. COP21: Paris conference could be climate turning point, says Obama:


  1. Development Banks Vow to Mobilize Collective Resources to Confront Climate Change:
  2. UPDATE 1-China-backed AIIB to lend $10-15 bln a year for first five years: president-designate:
  3. ADB to help Afghanistan revive agriculture sector:
  4. Tamil Nadu — in the fast-track development corridor:
  5. Kenya remains core to development of Africa -JICA President:
  6. Govt has granted ‘in-principle’ approval to 20 NIMZs, of which 12 are located outside DMIC region:‘in-principle’-approval-to-20-nimzs,-of-which-12-are-located-outside-dmic-region/31-12721.go?myuri=/sectors/govt-has-granted-%27in-principle%27-approval-to-20-nimzs,-of-which-12-are-located-outside-dmic-region/31-12721.go
  7. Chinese firm to invest in South Africa’s coal mine:
  8. Morgan Stanley & Wells Fargo Cut Coal Financing, Join Growing Movement By Banks In U.S. & Europe:
  9. IMF’s yuan inclusion signals less risk taking in China:

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