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Updates on Coal, Energy, IFIs, Land, Water and Forest: 24 November, 2015

A.Coal & Energy

  1. G20 meeting: India defended climate change red lines:
  2. Gas supply, technical glitches delay Tripura power project:
  3. Sioma $200m power project starting soon:
  4. Bangladesh to ink pact with India for 100 MW power from Tripura :
  5. Rampal thermal power plant complete by 2019 : Minister:
  6. Fresh court challenge for the Adani Carmichael coal mine:
  7. Neyveli Lignite Corporation to foray into coal mining for power generation – See more at:
  8. Centre puts up 8 coal mines from 4 states for auction:
  9. China coal mine fire kills 21:
  10. Coal Mining Update Indonesia: Price, Production & Export Still Down:
  11.  EU official cautions Japan about exporting coal-fired power plants:
  12. Will seek detailed report on coal dust pollution, says Arlekar:
  14. Factcheck: What’s actually happening with China’s coal use:
  15. Coal remains to be fuel of choice in ASEAN as energy demand grows:


  1. The Future of Finance:
  2. Home finance and mortgage business likely to grow significantly:
  3. JICA pledges to help mitigate road accidents in Kilimanjaro:
  4. Japan sees business possibilities with Asean under TPP – See more at:
  5. Japan is Asia’s best partner for economic growth, says Abe:
  6. Swati Dandekar appointed Executive Director to Asian Development Bank by Obama:
  7. Corporation to get Rs. 500 cr. as loan for drainage, water supply works:
  8. ADB to give Bangladesh $250 million loan to help reform capital market:
  9. China offers $10 bln in infrastructure loans for Southeast Asia:
  10. Banks to push solar panels:
  11. Bengal gets third tranche of ADB Loan:
  12. Andhra Pradesh power sector to get Rs 4,000 cr assistance from World Bank:
  13. Historic opportunity to end poverty will be lost if we don’t tackle climate change:

C.Land, Water & Forest

    1. Rehabilitation of Sardar Sarovar Project displaced: Did three governments lie to the Supreme Court?:
    2. Ex-judges shocked at poor rehabilitation:
    3. Dam project proves power of science crowdfunding:
    4. Confrontation between banks-road ministry over funding delays highways projects:
    5. Govt mulls Europe-style water law to save resource:
    6. A Decade of RTI: How implementation of the law has weakened people’s political power:
    7. Land bill: Opposition members in joint panel want PM Modi’s explanation:
    8. First Meeting of the Indo-European Water Forum Begins:

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