FRA Implementation in Nuapada district :An Overview

FRA Implementation in Nuapada district :An Overview

In the district the total forest land constitutes 49.45 % of the total geographical area. While most of the forest land around 99.98 is revenue forest land (including the 2.89 per cent DLC land) and only 0.02 per cent is reserve forest. There are 658 revenue village in the district. Besides, based on the census report 2001, the Govt. of Odisha has identified 7 more forest villages/un surveyed villages in the district. Besides there While the scheduled caste population constitutes 13.46% of the total population the scheduled tribe constitutes 33.80%.

It is to be noted that as per FRA Status report produced by the State Level Monitoring(SLMC) Govt. of Odisha by 31st May 2015, only 23257 Individual Forest Rights (IFR) claims have been filed at the Gram Sabha level and 6040 IFR titles have been issued to the tribals of the district over 16913.32  acres of forest land including 531 titles over 1946 acres of forest land issued to the Chikutia Bhunjia PTG/PVTG.

It is also reported that, so far only 35 community forest rights (CFR) Claims have been filed at the Gram Sabha level and by the time only 18 CFR titles have been issued over 1900 acres of land .

Even the SLMC in last March,2015 had reported that around 609 CFR claims (465 in B  form and 144 claims in C form) have been filed at the Gram Sabha and only 18 CFR titles have issued in the district which is in fact a faulty report.

Besides, out of the total(6040) IFR issued extension of different developmental programmes have been done over 3359 IFR titles holder including 1482 under IAY, 45under Mo Kudia, 157 under Mo Pokhari, 1675 under MGNREGS and 17 under National Horticulture  Mission Schemes.

One of the major issues identified in the district have been non–recognition of IFR and CFR rights over the forest land “Gramya Jungle Joyga Kissam”. This issue was raised by the Jami Jungle Mukti Andolan before the administration including the Boar of Revenue and the tribal department, Govt. of Odisha. However,  despite the provision under FRA and recommendation of the Board of Revenue, unfortunately the Tribal Development Department has issued a clarification on dated 31st Dec 2011 that the “Gramya Jungle Joyga Kissam” is not forest land and Fra titles cannot be issued over these land(Also find the attached circular). Of course, many of the IFR titles already issued in the district are over “Gramya Jungle Joyga Kissam”.

Also find some photographs of the protest Rally.



non-registered Sangathana , Nuapada affiliated to the Campaign for Survival and Dignity(CSD) Odisha  after the protest Rally on 14th August , 2015.


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