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Updates on Coal, Energy, IFIs, Land, Water and Forest: 4 August, 2015

A.Coal & Energy

  1. Obama’s clean power plan hailed as US’s strongest ever climate action:
  2. Velcan’s Heo hydro power project in India gets techno-economic clearance:
  3. NTPC to appoint developer for Jharkhand coal mine soon:
  4. Maharashtra: Govt plans first canal-top solar power project in at Jalgaon:
  5. Clean Power Plan: Barack Obama ignites war on coal to hit climate change targets:
  6. Wind, Solar Cheer as Coal Vows Battle on Obama’s Energy Plan:
  7. Coal Interests Prepare To Challenge Obama’s Power Plant Rules:
  8. Environmental Clearances to Mining PSU:
  9. 350 projects await green nod in MMR:
  10. Companies offer to build 4,981-Mw capacity:
  11. China Must Reduce Dependence On Coal To Achieve Energy Security:
  12. Coal India achieves 97 per cent of output target at 34 MT in July:


  1. IMF is participating fully in Athens debt talks: European Commission:
  2. World Bank pledges $700m for Ghana gas project:
  3. ADB to help upgrade 1800km highways:
  4. BD to go for rly purchases with funds from ADB:
  5. Sustainable Banking:
  6. World Bank to adopt reservoir at Gogababa Tekdi:
  7. World Bank’s no to coal-projects funding unlikely to affect Coal India:
  8. India’s new infrastructure fund faces project shortage, questions on accountability:
  9. ADB environment expert predicts heat waves next summer:
  10. Road & rail link between India’s Rameswaram and Sri Lanka’s Thalaimannar could be a reality soon!:
  11. Coal India’s cash reserve to fill void left by World Bank:

C.Land, Water & Forest

  1. U-turn: Modi govt drops controversial amendments in land bill:
  2. Govt land law climbdown:
  3. MPs assured pro-people approach to handle issue of ‘ecologically sensitive area’ in Western Ghats:
  4. Modi government backtracks on all six amendments to land bill, to stick to 2013 bill:

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