6-12 August, 2015 – Padyatra (Footmarch), Khalghat to Rajghat, (in Badwani) Narmada Valley

Stop the Jal-Samadhi of the 2.5 lakh people affected by Sardar Sarovar Dam

6-12 August, 2015 – Padyatra (Footmarch),

Khalghat to Rajghat, (in Badwani) Narmada Valley

Against Development Terrorism and Destructive Displacement

12 August onwards… Jeevan Adhikar Satyagrah (Right to Life)

Dear friends,

Despite the continuous struggle for 30 years in the Narmada Valley, the lives of tribal farmers, fisherfolks, workers and others is under grave threat. With raising the height of Sardar Sarovar Dam, water can flood villages spread upto 214 kilometers and submerge houses, farmers, shops, schools, temples & mosques, lacs of trees. This is a challenge for thousands of families. After every legal and field battle, about 11,000 families would get land but the rest are still without it. Thousands of adivasis, farmers, labourers, fishworkers and potters, those who have struggled for justice, legal and human, will be ousted and displaced. All of them need the support of those who stood by us and shared their energy, who witnessed the years of struggle, who collided with the rulers, who sang songs with us, who wrote, analysed and spread the voice, vision and the truth of the people’s struggle in Narmada, across the world.

All those who used the power of their pen and voice, our friends and allies, people’s groups, young & old, writers, journalists, film makers and other citizens, come together to raise your voice before these rains, against the corporate supported decision by Modi government that will drown and affect thousands of families from 245 villages without rehabilitation.

At the height of 122 mts, Sardar Sarovar Dam has already glutted thousands of hectares of land and submerged hundreds of houses. Right now, Dam height is being raised to 138.68 mts, and a lot of construction work is nearly complete, gates are yet to be put up flouting the decisions of the Supreme Court, ignoring laws and policy and plans, rehabilitation and environmental protection. Just the hilly adivasi areas and plains of Nimad that comprise of densely populated villages and a township, can face a watery grave. All sensitive and concerned citizens and organisations are bound to challenge this!

Every issue related to this dam is an issue related to development – the issue of grabbing thousands of hectares of land, hollow commitments of rehabilitation, left half way and corruption, save the culture and environment of the Valley, diversion of land and water worth crores; to corporations against peasants and other poor. These questions are in resonance with those of the common people and workers of the country and other concerned citizens.

We appeal to you all, the concerned citizens of this nation, to join us at this critical time where Narmada Valley is struggling for its life and death. Join us and sit with us to plan a way ahead and the direction. Stay and walk with us to understand the life in the Valley, truth of rehabilitation and corruption, the status of the dam and other truths.

We will march from 6th of August, from Khalghat, on the banks of Narmada, on a footmarch through the partly affected and to be submerged villages and talk about various people’s struggles, will remember Hiroshima while walking through Khalghat (on the Agra-Mumbai road, 2 hrs from Indore) to Rajghat. Please come and join to judge whether villages have been rehabilitated? Whose facts are right – people’s or rulers’? Join us to see and understand the challenges faced by the people who have followed truth and constitutional path vis a vis the powers all out to submerge. Hear from the people, monitor the water-level yourself and witness the fraud committed….

On 12th of August, we will reach Rajghat, on the banks of Narmada, near Gandhi Samadhi (District Badwani), and begin the indefinite Satyagraha for Right to Life.

Come and Join Us! If not now, then When?

How to reach Khalghat:- The Intercity Express train each night at 10.15 pm from Nizamuddin Railway station (Delhi) to reach Indore at 12:00 pm… and Avantika Express train from Mumbai. The sarvate bus stand is located, at a distance of 10 minutes from Indore Rly Stn. Every 30 minutes, buses leave for Khalghat and Badwani. Buses ply to khalghat from Indore, Dhule, Khandwa, Pune, Baroda and also Mumbai. Khalghat is on Mumbai-Agra highway. Badwani is 1.5 hrs. From Badwani.


For more information and planning your itinerary please contact-

Badwani contact:- Meera 09179148973, Mukesh 09826811982,

Delhi contact:- VimalBhai 09718479517, Shabnam 09643349452, Sanjeev Kumar 09958797409, Amit 0848694483



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