Thousands made homeless amidst PM Modi’s promise of ‘Housing For All’

Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan

Press Invite

Thousands made homeless amidst PM Modi’s promise of ‘Housing For All’

Those struggling for Housing Right were Manhandled

Slum of Mandala (located in Mankhurd Mumbai) was demolished in 2004/05 demolition drive evicting 5000 families without any rehabilitation plan. Social activist Medha Patkar stood with them in their struggle for housing right and launched Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan. Through their intense struggle they were able convince the governments to their demands and received various assurance but none of them have been materialized till date.

They spent more than a decade living with assurance facing brutal eviction twice.

Mandala evictees realized that they have been betrayed all these years and hence decided to return to their land where they were evicted from. On 26th of May, 2015 they launched Awas Haq Satyagrah under the aegis of
Ghar Bahao Ghar Banao Andolan
led by Medha Patkar and resolute to stay put there until they are given housing right. They had previously submitted a proposal of rehabilitating 3200 families under Rajiv Awas Yojna, assurance given that Mandala be made the pilot project of the RAY. Surveys of houses was necessary in order to provide houses to all as per the proposal but in the absence of house structure survey could not be done. Also the RAY was discontinued by the new government at centre. On 19th June, during heavy rains, Mandala evictees who were asserting for housing right since last 25 days by taking leave from their work decided to erect houses structure on the Mandala land and continue with their struggle. Their demand was that their newly built houses should be surveyed and given housing right as per the new housing policy which would replace RAY. They would vacate the land as soon as they were given housing right. Government termed them as encroachers and disrespect their struggle for housing right.

Yesterday when thousands were peacefully asserting their housing right through Awas Haq Satyagrah at Mandala, the Police and MMRDA official surprisingly entered Mandala with JCBs without giving any prior notice risking life of thousands of evictees present there. All the newly built houses were mercilessly demolished. Finally the police entered the pandal under which the Satyagrahis were sitting and peacefully protesting. Police first assured that they would not do any harm to the pandal and the Satyagrahis , the Tehsildar present promised to organize a meeting with the Collector, soon after all these promises, the police suddenly entered in and started dragging the basti leaders, all those who protested were manhandled.  Hundreds of them got arrested voluntarily but were released in the evening after receiving notice under section 149.

Such is the story in the age of PM’s campaign of ‘House for All’. It is in this context, all those who succumbed to injuries would provide testimonies of the brutality they had gone through yesterday and would also explain that why they be given housing right.

Hence, we request you to be present in the Press Conference being held at Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh at 3.30pm today.

Venue: Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh,

Mahapalika Marg, Azad Maidan, Fort,


Time: 3.30pm

Contact: 09958660556 | 9820636335 | 9029492721

Anwari                       Mukesh          Shriram          Pervin Jehangir                     Bilal


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