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Updates on Coal, Energy, IFIs, Land, Water and Forest issues: 19 June, 2015

A.Coal & Energy

  1. India surging ahead in the field of Green Energy – 100 GW Solar Scale-Up plan:
  3. Rs 45K Cr from Mine Auction for Odisha:
  4. Hydel power pushes NTPC into global big league:
  5. Finance SEZs: regulators to meet on June 24:
  6. Jharsuguda-Barpali Rail Line by June, 2016: Coal Secretary:
  7. Electricity supply to all Indian households by 2019?:
  8. US Catholics ready to follow Pope’s ‘marching orders’ on climate change:
  9. NTPC hopes to get Centre’s nod on fuel linkage for Katwa:
  10. Philippines sees slow take up of renewable energy:
  11. NLC inks loan pact:
  12. CO2 emissions stall thanks to China’s passion for renewables:
  13. NTPC-JKSPDCL to develop coal block in joint venture:
  14. Solar power capacity target raised five fold to 100 GW:
  15. Delhi discoms to face fines for power outages:
  16. Pope attacks emissions trading as a possible ‘ploy’:
  17. Climate change projects in poorest nations lose out in battle for funds | Reuters:


  1. Case for more rate cut by RBI as inflation is low: ADB:
  2. Asia must invest more in clean energy to cope with climate change, says ADB:
  3. China seeks rail link between Kunming and Kolkata:
  4. China condemns efforts to find fault with new infrastructure bank AIIB:
  5. ‘Government Playing Cruel Joke on Flood-hit in Jammu and Kashmir’:
  6. Reforms in the pipeline can push India’s economic growth above 7-7.5%: FM:
  7. 15 more dams come under World Bank-funded project:
  8. Government All Set for Repair of Major Dams in State:
  9. Cabinet to consider India’s membership of China-led multilateral lender AIIB:
  10. State fast-tracks Mekedatu drinking water project:
  11. Fed hears data more loudly than IMF and World Bank:
  12. Infosys secuity breach puts focus on banks’ security challenge:
  13. Retain level of fund flows under central schemes: West Bengal to NITI Aayog:

C.Land Water & Forest

  1. Approval of 22 sezs cancelled: http cancelled:// -434
  2.  NGOs to face tighter forex scrutiny soon:

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