Khedut Chetna Yatra (Farmers’ Awareness Yatra) – farmers’ attempt to wake the slumbering government

Sanyukt Khedut Sangharsh Samiti – Gujarat
Jameen Adhikar Andolan – Gujarat (JAAG)
C/o Khet Bhavan, Near Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad 380 027
Contact: 94093 07693
19th May 2015
Editor/Bureau Chief,
Khedut Chetna Yatra (Farmers’ Awareness Yatra) – farmers’ attempt to wake the slumbering government
The newly elected NDA government, in December 2014, had sought to undermine the newly enacted and hitherto unimplemented LARR Act, 2013 through an ordinance. The ordinance was met with severe resistance and protest at the ground level from people’s organisations and farmers. Looking at the groundswell of opinion against the provisions of the ordinance, it looked as if the government would heed this voice and repeal the ordinance. Looking at the popular discontent against the ordinance, the RSS and its affiliate organisations like the Bharatiya Kisan Sangh and the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh also joined forces and gave an impression of being in solidarity with the farmers.
This was a charade; their compromise with the ruling dispensation was imminent. Their past record of misleading farmers is there before us; this is an addition to that list. Today’s newspaper reports suggest that the RSS has “realised” that the ordinance is in the interests of farmers and labourers.
Such blatant double-speak is only possible by the RSS. No other organisation in the country has ever cheated the people of the country like the RSS, in the name of religion and ‘Indian culture’. There can be no greater or better opportunity for the people of the country to recognise the reality of the RSS than this blatant betrayal. The public proclamations are an eyewash, the reality is diametrically opposed to the public face. The common people should look through this farce and rid society of such back-stabbing forces.
Sagar Rabari                           Chandubhai Shingala                          Dahyabhai Gajera
Jayesh Patel                            Pradyumnasinh Chudasama               Bharatsinh Jhala
Naranbhai Chauhan                Bhavubhai (Sandhida)

Author: Intercultural Resources

Intercultural Resources is a forum for research and political intervention on issues related to the impacts and alternatives to destructive development. Our effort draws upon the social, cultural, material and intellectual resources that have been generated in the course of dialogues between people of different cultures on questions of social justice, development and self-rule. We are of the view that dialogue can sustain plurality and open possibilities for recovery of the ground lost on account of inter-cultural alienation, which is manifest in a variety of forms of violence that we encounter everyday at different levels of social life. Intercultural Resources is based in Delhi, India. Email:

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