News updates on Coal, Energy, IFIs, Land, Water and Forest: 2 March, 2015

2 March, 2015

A.Coal & Energy

  1. Normal Coal Supply Boosts Power Output of NTPC-Kaniha:
  2. Govt to Revisit 4 Blocks Auctioned in Phase I:
  3. Coal auction foul play fear:
  4. Renewable energy needs priority lending under infrastructure sector:
  5. PSU giants turn up heat in fight for coal blocks:
  6. Sunita Narain: Decoding the Budget’s ‘carbon tax’:
  7. More horse power for the energy sector:
  8. Ultra-mega power plant site in Etah:
  9. EESL to invest Rs 1,000 cr in Andhra:
  10. Opening of Applications for Allotment of Schedule 1 Coal Mines:
  11. Curse of the black gold: How Meghalaya depends on coal:
  12. Full electrification by 2022:
  13. Budget 2015-16: Govt says preparing cabinet note to boost CBM exploitation:
  14. Budget 2015: Power of five will light up energy sector:
  15. Climate change gets a boost; environment ministry budget trimmed:
  16. Environment Fails to Find Greener Pastures on Jaitley’s Map:
  17. Energy policy on the right path: Kirit S Parikh:
  18. ‘Doubling clean energy cess on coal may hike power tariff’:
  19. Power sector demands mostly untouched:
  20. Renewable energy sector left high and dry:
  21. Union Budget 2015: Arun Jaitley talks about green development, cuts allocation for environment ministry:
  22. Budget 2015 aims for ‘Green India’:
  23. 107 applications from PSUs for 43 coal blocks:
  24. Switzerland becomes first country to submit Paris climate deal pledge:
  25. Members of €32bn Danish pension funds to vote on fossil fuel divestment:
  26. What happened to the lobbyists who tried to reshape the US view of climate change?:


  1. Sri Lanka seeks foreign help in corruption probe:
  2. Setting up a business will become easier:
  3. Budget 2015 high on ‘investment’, ‘Ease of Doing Business’, literally:
  4. India needs $1 trillion to project power:
  5. Rs 2,200 Crore WB Aid for Hudhud Relief Works:
  6. Distribution, generation power keys:
  7. To save the rainforest, let the locals take control:
  8. World Bank report criticises Bihar for poor power condition:
  9. British support for Ethiopia scheme withdrawn amid abuse allegations:
  10. Two-third population of Bihar lack electricity: World Bank:
  11. Forex reserves of $1 trillion will help India become a geo-political power:
  12. Tightening hold: recapitalisation provision reduced to ₹9,555 crore:
  13. GAAR to incorporate OECD initiative’s norms on tax avoidance:

C.Land, Water & Forest

  1. Nitish Kumar to fast against Land Acquisition Bill:
  2. Land reforms Bill soon: Paswan:
  3. Shiv Sena to write to Centre seeking changes in Land Acquisition Bill:
  4. NGOs shut for using ‘human rights’ in name:
  5. Crackdown on fake human rights organisations:
  6. Manufacturing hubs to power ‘Act East’ policy:
  7. IBUs to be treated as foreign branches of Indian banks:
  8. International Financial Services Centre (IFSC):
  9. Evacuees seek return of land taken for SEZ:
  10. Implement ‘Jameen Vapasi’ demand land losers:
  11. Several UPA ministers had sparred with Jairam on land law:

Author: Intercultural Resources

Intercultural Resources is a forum for research and political intervention on issues related to the impacts and alternatives to destructive development. Our effort draws upon the social, cultural, material and intellectual resources that have been generated in the course of dialogues between people of different cultures on questions of social justice, development and self-rule. We are of the view that dialogue can sustain plurality and open possibilities for recovery of the ground lost on account of inter-cultural alienation, which is manifest in a variety of forms of violence that we encounter everyday at different levels of social life. Intercultural Resources is based in Delhi, India. Email:

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