News updates on Coal, Energy, IFIs, Land, Water and Forest: 25 February, 2015

A.Coal & Energy

  1. Govt prepares for power, water crises:
  2. AAP’s white paper on power soon:
  3. Brakes on coal auction:
  4. Coal Ministry puts off auction of next set of blocks to March 2:
  5. Rajya Sabha passes Bill to ease eviction from public land:
  6. European carbon market reform set for 2019:
  7. Renewable energy poised to overtake nuclear in the UK:
  8. Maharashtra okays central scheme to distribute solar pumps to farmers:
  9. Auction of nearly operational coal mines from next week: HC:
  10. Coal India to invest in Odisha power project:
  11. Coal India board directs PSU to withdraw from ICVL:
  12. Second round of coal auction to be held on March 4:
  13. India should give categorical statements: Ramesh on climate:
  14. Foundation stone to be laid for 600 MW thermal plant in Telangana:
  15. Don’t auction Mahan coal block: MoEF:
  16. Spy cables: Greenpeace head targeted by intelligence agencies before Seoul G20:
  17. Shades of green:
  18. Still no modelling to show whether Direct Action will meet emissions target:
  19.  Work of prominent climate change denier was funded by energy industry:
  20. Apple’s £1.25bn Europe data centres will run entirely on renewable energy:
  21. EU wants Paris climate deal to cut carbon emissions 60% by 2050:
  22. Artificial glacier could help Ladakh villagers adapt to climate change:


  1. World Bank wants more transparency in India’s power subsidy:
  2. Investor confidence still shaky in India: US envoy:
  3. Keep politics away from power utilities: World Bank report:
  4. Banks can incentivise commercial performance of power sector: World Bank:
  5. ‘Commercialise power utilities’:
  6. World Bank Wants More Transparency in India’s Power Subsidy:
  7. ADB signs $400 million loan pacts with India:

C.Land, Water & Forest

  1. Government unlikely to yield on major clauses in land bill:
  2. Centre tests nerves on land law battle:
  3. Modi may have to do with land law what Vajpayee did with Pota:
  4. No dilution in Land Acquisition Act, say BJP and government:
  5. Land Bill pits Shiv Sena against BJP:
  6. Amarinder Singh questions CM Parkash Singh Badal’s ‘silence’ over new land bill:
  7. Opposition walks out over land bill:
  8. Helping hand for water scarcity-hit people in Aurangabad:
  9. Faces behind the 14th Finance Commission:
  10. Jairam takes dig at Chidambaram on land law:
  11. Modi Wants to Replace Crowded Slums in India With 20 Million Homes:
  12. Table-and-talk tactic on land bill:
  13. Agri minister rules out further extension of LPS:
  14. Government is open to suggestions on land bill:

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