News updates on Coal, Energy, IFIs, Land, Water and Forest: 25 February, 2015

A.Coal & Energy

  1. Govt prepares for power, water crises:
  2. AAP’s white paper on power soon:
  3. Brakes on coal auction:
  4. Coal Ministry puts off auction of next set of blocks to March 2:
  5. Rajya Sabha passes Bill to ease eviction from public land:
  6. European carbon market reform set for 2019:
  7. Renewable energy poised to overtake nuclear in the UK:
  8. Maharashtra okays central scheme to distribute solar pumps to farmers:
  9. Auction of nearly operational coal mines from next week: HC:
  10. Coal India to invest in Odisha power project:
  11. Coal India board directs PSU to withdraw from ICVL:
  12. Second round of coal auction to be held on March 4:
  13. India should give categorical statements: Ramesh on climate:
  14. Foundation stone to be laid for 600 MW thermal plant in Telangana:
  15. Don’t auction Mahan coal block: MoEF:
  16. Spy cables: Greenpeace head targeted by intelligence agencies before Seoul G20:
  17. Shades of green:
  18. Still no modelling to show whether Direct Action will meet emissions target:
  19.  Work of prominent climate change denier was funded by energy industry:
  20. Apple’s £1.25bn Europe data centres will run entirely on renewable energy:
  21. EU wants Paris climate deal to cut carbon emissions 60% by 2050:
  22. Artificial glacier could help Ladakh villagers adapt to climate change:


  1. World Bank wants more transparency in India’s power subsidy:
  2. Investor confidence still shaky in India: US envoy:
  3. Keep politics away from power utilities: World Bank report:
  4. Banks can incentivise commercial performance of power sector: World Bank:
  5. ‘Commercialise power utilities’:
  6. World Bank Wants More Transparency in India’s Power Subsidy:
  7. ADB signs $400 million loan pacts with India:

C.Land, Water & Forest

  1. Government unlikely to yield on major clauses in land bill:
  2. Centre tests nerves on land law battle:
  3. Modi may have to do with land law what Vajpayee did with Pota:
  4. No dilution in Land Acquisition Act, say BJP and government:
  5. Land Bill pits Shiv Sena against BJP:
  6. Amarinder Singh questions CM Parkash Singh Badal’s ‘silence’ over new land bill:
  7. Opposition walks out over land bill:
  8. Helping hand for water scarcity-hit people in Aurangabad:
  9. Faces behind the 14th Finance Commission:
  10. Jairam takes dig at Chidambaram on land law:
  11. Modi Wants to Replace Crowded Slums in India With 20 Million Homes:
  12. Table-and-talk tactic on land bill:
  13. Agri minister rules out further extension of LPS:
  14. Government is open to suggestions on land bill:

Author: Intercultural Resources

Intercultural Resources is a forum for research and political intervention on issues related to the impacts and alternatives to destructive development. Our effort draws upon the social, cultural, material and intellectual resources that have been generated in the course of dialogues between people of different cultures on questions of social justice, development and self-rule. We are of the view that dialogue can sustain plurality and open possibilities for recovery of the ground lost on account of inter-cultural alienation, which is manifest in a variety of forms of violence that we encounter everyday at different levels of social life. Intercultural Resources is based in Delhi, India. Email:

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