News on Coal, Energy, IFIs, Land, water and Forest: 17 February, 2015

A.Coal & Energy

  1. Coal auction a Rs 50,000 crore annual bonanza for states:
  2. SCCL determined to give a tough fight to rivals:
  3. Trans-Damodar coal block goes to Durgapur Projects:
  4. B S Ispat wins coal mine in Maharashtra:
  5. Three firms win coal mines:
  6. Monnet Ispat gets coalmin notice for Gare Palma block terms violation:
  7. Private power producers seek fiscal benefits:
  8. India, Lanka sign pact on nuclear energy:
  9. China, UK cos to invest billions in solar, wind energy:
  10. Coal auctions Day 3: Jaypee Group amongst the winners:
  11. Coal blocks: aggressive bidding likely to hit the viability of power companies:
  12. Windfall in offing: Poor states to reap harvest of coal block auctions:
  13. ‘It will be a shame if India is not a globally competitive metal producer’:
  14. Shri Piyush Goyal Reached Out to Global Audience through Talkathon at Re-Invest2015:
  15. Government to protect foreign investments: Piyush Goyal:
  16. Australia not to suspend Indonesian aid if 2 citizens are executed:
  17. ‘India could lead the world in clean energy’:
  18. NTPC to invest $10 billion for building green energy projects in next 5 years:
  19. BUDGET WISH LIST: Power firms for market-driven pricing:
  20. UN special envoy Bloomberg praises PM Modi’s green steps, says very bullish on India:
  21. As coal auctions begin in Delhi, a splendid forest in Chhattisgarh awaits slow death:,-a-splendid-forest-in-Chhattisgarh-awaits-slow-death?utm_content=buffer85c79&utm_medium=social&
  22. Kejriwal asks departments to send proposal to slash power bill by half:


  1. Foundation stone laid for water supply project:
  2. High hopes on new maritime policy:
  3. Yes Bank to issue green bonds worth Rs 500 cr for clean energy projects:
  4. CM distributes relief to flood victims:
  5. YES Bank floats first green infra bond for Rs 500cr:
  6. Naveen seeks PM’s help for release of funds:

C.Land, Water & Forest

  1. Medha Patkar asks Mohan Bhagwat about how RSS plans to conserve Narmada:
  2. Posco Seeks Date With PM on Odisha Project:
  3. Procedure was followed in Priya Pillai issue: MHA:
  4. What happened to Priya Pillai could happen to many of us:

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