‘Boat March’ from Mangalore to Thiruvananthapuram

A ‘Boat March’ from Mangalore to Thiruvananthapuram with a slogan “Protect

Sea, Coast, Inland water bodies and Fish Resources”

Dear friends,

While the crisis of fisheries sector is increasing day by day, the sea
and the coast are being removed from the traditional fishing community
slowly. The coastal areas are being invaded by the forces of tourism
industry, real estate and other development sectors, displacing the
traditional fishing community and now, these sensitive zones are being
allotted to hazardous and polluting ship breaking yards. The stands of
all Governments which have come to rule one after another, on the
foreign fishing vessels which wipe out the marine resources and
destroy our ecology, have been unfortunately same with no difference.
The community rights of the traditional fishing community are being
removed one by one. Marine Protected Areas, Ban on fishing in the
offshore area of depth 200 to 500 meters (Buffer zone), SEZ involving
coast and the sea, ban of shark fishing and many other regulations are
being imposed on the traditional fishing community in recent times.
But at the same time, the governments have systematically failed to
control the foreign fishing vessels which destroy our oceans

In this context, the fishing community under the leadership of Kerala
Swathanthra Malsyathozhilaly Federation (KSMTF) in association with
NFF and ADSGAF is initiating a ‘Boat March’ from Mangalore to
Thiruvananthapuram with a slogan “Protect Sea, Coast, Inland water
bodies and Fish Resources”. The march will start from Mangalore on
November 21st on the International Fish workers’ Day and it will be
inaugurated at 10.30 am by Medha Patkar. Public meetings will be held
at all fish landing centers and fishing harbours on the route from
Mangalore to Thiruvananthapuram. The Boat March will reach at
Shangumugham beach, Thiruvananthapuram on November 30th at 6 pm. Many
social, cultural, environmental, political and trade union activists
will join this programme.

We cordially invite you to attend this important programme. Since the
proposed programme is expected to incur major expenses, we would also
request you to contribute whatever you can towards the expenses of the

In solidarity,

PP John, President, Kerala Swathanthra Malsyathozhilaly Federation (KSMTF)

Jackson Pollayil, General Secretary, Kerala Swathanthra
Malsyathozhilaly Federation (KSMTF)

T. Peter, National Secretary, National Fishworkers Forum (NFF)

The address for sending the contributions: ALAKAL Fortnightly, A/C No:
020051 000800102, IFSC : IBKL 0046 T 01, Bank : The Thiruvananthapuram
District Co-operative Bank, Branch : Puthanchantha,

Boat March

21st November 2014(Friday) : 10am – Mangalore (Inauguration :Medha
Patkar), 4pm – Kasargode Kasba Beach, 6pm – Neeleswaram -Madakkara

22nd November 2014 (Saturday) : 11am – Kannur- Azheekal, 2pm
-Thalasherry Thalai, 6pm – Mahe (Stay)

23rd November 2014 (Sunday) : 10am – Kozhikode – Chombala,12am
-Koylandi, 4pm – Puthiyappa, 6pm – Beypure (Stay)

24th November 2014 (Monday) : 10am – Malppuram – Prappanangadi, 12am-
Thanur, 6pm – Ponnani (Stay)

25th November 2014 (Tuesday) : 10am – Thrissur – Chettuva, 4pm
-Azhikkode, 6pm – Munambam (Stay)

26th November 2014 (Wednesday): 10am – Ernakulam – Vypin, 11am
-Kalamukku(Haurber), 12am – Thoppumpadi Haurber, 6pm – Chellanam

27th November 2014 (Thursday) : 11am -Alappuzha -Ottamasherry,
3pm-Punnapra, 6pm-Kayamkulam (Stay)

28th November 2014 (Friday) : 10am – Kollam – Kochuthuruthu
(Ashtamudi), 2pm – Padappakkara, 5pm – Perumon – Mundakkal (Stay)

29th November 2014 (Saturday) : 10am-Neendakara, 12am-Shakthikulangara,

6pm-Thangasherry-Vadi (Stay)

30th November 2014 (Sunday) : 11am – Thiruvananthapuram – Anchuthengu,
4pm – Shanghumugham Beach – Public Meeting – Com.
V.S.Achuthanandan,Prof.K.V.Thomas MP(Former minister), Com.Panniyan
Raveendran,Shri.V.Muraleedharan, Shri.M.Ilango,Shri.S.P.Udayakumar,
Fr.Eugene H.Pereira etc.will address the public meeting.

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