General Elections 2014 poses a plethora of possibilities as well as challenges. The current elections have been particularly contentious because of the immense media attention and mobilization that has taken place to manufacture the ‘Modi wave’. Such a wave, whether true or false, represents to us a resurgence of communalism, escalation of economic-growth oriented developmental policies that are antithetical to people’s need, as well as an authoritarian trend that poses a threat to the democratic framework of our country. This election calls for a consolidated effort from all progressive forces to come together to challenge these forces along with critically looking at the different grounds on which election politics is being framed.

Under the banner of Sangharsh 2014, people’s movements and Trade Unions have come together to pose these challenges. Sangharsh 2014 includes dalits, adivasis, forest working people, agricultural workers, fishworkers, handloom weavers, domestic workers, street vendors and hawkers, women’s groups and organisations that have been working in the country for social and political change; The strength of this platform is the coming together of the diverse political histories. It is time to act and assert our collective political positions of the working classes.

Social movements and Trade Unions have a large base in at least 10 constituencies surrounding Varnasi. Using this large base of people, Sangharsh 2014 is launching a campaign to counter the communal and capitalist agendas propagated by the dominant political forces. The constituencies include Chandauli, Machchlishehr, Jaunpur, Mirzapur, Palamu, Sasaram, Varanasi, Robertsganj, Azamgarh (these are subject to change depending upon events leading up to the elections).

It is a crucial time to engage and challenge forces that can unsettle and dismantle achievements that progressive politics of social movements in the country have worked towards. Let us come together between 25th April and 10th May to re-assert a secular and pro-people democratic politics.

The campaign will take place from April 25th – May 10th, 2014 in the mentioned areas. The plan as of now is to start in Varanasi on the 25th with an orientation for all volunteers and head out to various districts from the 26th – 4th of May. This will conclude with mobilization in Varanasi city from the 5th -10th. The campaign will comprise of activists, cultural groups and concerned people from across the country. The campaign will be carried out through a range of engagements such as, conducting people’s assembly, door-to-door campaign, and cultural performances to concretely address these challenges.

 Sangharsh calls upon all concerned citizens to be a part of this campaign!

 For more information contact –
 Shweta  9911528696 |Sanjeev 9958797409 | Anil 8527830687 | Santosh 9999688234 | Satyam  9810423296


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