Jameen Adhikar Andolan – 3 days of Dharna comes to a close

Jameen Adhikar Andolan – Gujarat (JAAG)
A-302, Sharan Residency-1, Near Lohana Chhatralaya, Vasna, Ahmedabad
Contact: Lalji Desai 9727589344 Sagar Rabari 9409307693

Date: 12th March 2014


Hansalpur: Pastureland (gauchar) and agricultural land allotted to Maruti Suzuki Co.
3 days of dharna come to a close
Fast-unto-death to commence from 21st March 2014

In 1954, the then government, had allotted land (vide survey nos. 1/A/1 block no. 293) admeasuring 83-78-20 ha to the Maldharis, the Dalits and the Thakores of village Hansalpur, Ta. Mandal, Dist. Ahmedabad, who were landless. The same was given for cultivation on a short-term lease. The GoG, on the pretext of giving it to GIDC, then directly sold this land to Maruti Co. Ltd. thus violating the rights of the cultivators/owners. The company was to pay the amount in instalments over 8 years. These owners/cultivators have been fighting against this injustice since 2007, but now the company has started construction of a boundary wall, in protest against which the Maldharis took to the streets in Hansalpur and the police carried out a lathi charge on them.

Protesting against this illegal act of construction of the boundary wall the Maldharis brought their agitation to the doorstep of the district Collector and have been sitting on a dharna since the morning of 10th March 2014. This protest ended today at 6 p.m. Their legal suit for a stay order is pending in the High Court and will be heard tomorrow.

If the outcome of the court case is not satisfactory and in the absence of a response from the GoG these farmers will go on a fast-unto-death from 21st March 2014 and will continue to highlight and draw the attention of Gujarat and the rest of India to the anti-farm and anti-people policies of the GoG.

Lalji Desai Sagar Rabari
Jameen Adhikar Aandolan – Gujarat (JAAG)


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