Climate Change News Updates: 2 December, 2013

Climate Change News Updates: 2 December, 2013

1. Public transport the only option in a world facing climate change

2. “The International Climate Change Regime: The Road from Copenhagen”:

3. Tahoe women complete Mount Kenya climb; highlight climate change, empowering women:–Africa-Mountaineers-Tahoe-Women

4. Climate Change Killing Pacific Island Nation

5. Global warming at work: how climate change affects the economy and labour:

6. Ghana and five African countries gets support to fight climate change

7. Loss and damage claims in climate justice

8. Marine Reserves Enhance Resilience To Climate Change

9. Rs 17.913 million released for Climate Change Division

10. schemMPs urge government to cut £12bn fossil fuel subsidies, not energy efficiency schemes

11. Food production in a warmer climate – what can Australia expect?:

12. Impacts of climate change on women

13. Australia Invites New Zealand to Join G20 Meeting in 2014, Climate Change May Not Be a Priority

14. ENVIRONMENT: Scientists meet in Panama on water and climate change:

15. Reduced crops will cause main climate change damage to PNG

16. MaingotClimate Change: Are we doing enough?

17. Jan Dietrick: Next step on climate change from Warsaw:

18. Climate change: Severe food, water shortage on the horizon

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