Climate Change News Updates: 1 December, 2013

Climate Change News Updates on 1 December, 2013:

1. New fund targets climate change resilience for urban poor:

2. ‘India must be part of global mega-science projects’:–India-must-be-part-of-global-mega-science-projects-.html

3. The Warsaw Climate Deal: Is there reason for Asia to be cheerful?

4. Statistics Related to Climate Change -India:

5. New IPCC Report Finds Unequivocal Warming:

6. Look Objectively At Climate change:

7. Climate Change: Church Should Help Build ‘Ethical’ Perspective on Global Warming:

8. Study: Inland states most likely to ignore climate hazards:

9. Climate change is affecting water supply in India:

10. CGI sign deal with The Department of Energy and Climate Change:

11. Climate change evidence all around:

12. Climate Change Adaptation: Towards a Resilient City:

13. Integrating sustainable energy and climate change into the Post-2015 agenda: how and why?:

14. Wildeness Society targets fossil fuels:

15. How Climate Change Threatens the World’s Airports (Scientific American):

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