Climate Change News Updates: 29 November 2013

Climate Change News Updates: 29 November 2013

1. Attacks on scientific consensus on climate change mirror tactics of tobacco industry:

2. Climate change will cause ‘serious economic losses’ in Pacific:

3. ‘NZ must tackle rising emissions’ from electricity sector:

4. Climate change increased the number of deaths:

5. Philippines: WWF calls for building climate change-ready communities:

6. Indian traders call on Minister: government wants to trade with India on equal footing:

7. Deal struck at climate-change summit:

8. China CDM Fund recognized as global ‘lighthouse activity’:

9. Where will the money for climate change action come from?

10. Scientists: Addressing agricultural emissions not enough:

11. Managing floods in a changing climate for a green future:

12. Climate change is affecting water supply in India:

13. Indian Ocean climate changes point to drier, more fire-prone future:

14. The India Problem: Why is it thwarting every international climate agreement?

15. ADB: Fiji losses 4% of GDP in climate change:

16. ‘Climate changes increasing workload on women’:


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