Climate Change News Updates: 14 November 2013

Climate Change News Updates: 14 November 2013

India specific: 

1. Gujarat junks climate change action plan. While more than 25 states submitted their action plan for the Prime Minister’s National Climate Change Action Plan, Gujarat failed to finalize its plan which was initiated in 2009. The climate change department stands defunct with staff shifted elsewhere.

2. India scores a win in Warsaw on emission cuts affecting farmers: India has scored an early victory at the climate negotiations here, ensuring that the talks remain focused on adapting agricultural practices to climate change and not on costly emission reduction measures that would impact farmers directly. India found wide-ranging support from other countries, including the entire G77+China bloc and, surprisingly, the United States

3. Philippines: Another Filipino delivers emotional appeal during UN climate change conference – Lead negotiator Naderev Saño wasn’t the only Filipino to speak out against climate change at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC’s) 19th Conference of Parties in Warsaw, Poland

4. Climate Change Affecting Oceans At Unprecedented Rate, Scientists Warn: The world’s oceans are getting more acidic at an unprecedented rate, faster than at any time in the past 300 million years, the report said. But it’s how this interacts with other global warming impacts to waters that scientists say is getting them even more worried.

5.  What does U.S. hope to gain from negotiations with Iran? Former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte on U.S. negotiations with Iran and efforts to help the Philippines after the typhoon.

6. Video: Protests in solidarity with Philippines at UN Climate Change Conference – Protesters demonstrated in solidarity with the Philippines’ delegate to the UN Climate Change Conference who pledged to fast for the remainder of the summit on November 11. Yeb Sano warned about the dangers his country faces because of climate change during a speech. This video shows the solidarity protests taking place in Warsaw on November 12.

7. ‘Yolanda’ should put end to ‘silly’ debate on climate change –  Some 10,000 or more are feared dead and hundreds of thousands left homeless after the super-typhoon Haiyan blasted through central Philippines on Friday. It was the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded to have made landfall, and has raised fresh questions over whether global warming is behind an increase in the intensity and frequency of such storms.

8. Climate Change Is Killing Polar Bears In The Canadian Tundra – Steven Amstrup spent 30 years studying polar bears in Alaska. His research is what put polar bears on the threatened species list. Amstrup is now working with Polar Bears International in Manitoba, Canada to communicate the threat climate change poses to the polar bear population.

9. Climate Change: Australia’s Boom in Energy Exports Bring World’s Doom – By 2030, Australia will reclaim its title of being the world’s largest exporter of coking coal, according to a report from the International Energy Agency (IEA) titled World Energy Outlook 2013.

10. Report on Climate Change Predicts Dark Future – The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report suggests that climate change is a bigger problem than previously speculated.


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