Climate Change News Updates: 13 November 2013

Climate Change News Updates: 13 November 2013

India Specific news:

1. A crucial milestone: India wants to retain the Kyoto Protocol’s preferential treatment of developing countries.

2. Opposition to special session on emission cuts: Several developing countries, including India, have opposed the call for all countries to provide emission reduction pledges at a special session of heads of state in September 2014.

International News:

3. Climate Change, The Philippines and The Problem of Pain: Scientism Does Not Explain Why Evil Things Happen To Decent People.

4. Is Typhoon Haiyan the result of climate change? Yeb Sano has told delegates at the UN climate change talks that Typhoon Haiyan is the result of global warming – but meteorologists say that it is not possible to pinpoint specific events and blame them on climate change.

5. Will climate change bring more super typhoons? With millions in the Philippines affected by Typhoon Haiyan, many are pointing the finger at climate change.

6. At climate-change summit, countries look to lay foundation for global pact. Representatives of more than 190 countries gathered in Warsaw, Poland, on Monday to continue debating how to deal with climate change beyond 2020, even as nations are falling further behind on their collective goal of reining in greenhouse gas emissions that are warming the planet.

7. Anti-climate change activist address 50,000 near UN climate conference: An anti-climate change activist addressed an estimated 50,000 Poles who had gathered Monday to celebrate Poland’s independence day in downtown Warsaw, just as the United Nations kicked off its climate conference in the same city.



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