Climate Change: News updates on 12 November, 2013

Climate Change: News updates on 12 November, 2013

1. UN Climate Change Conference kicks off in Warsaw:


Climate Change: African CSO groups slam Obama’s Power Africa Initiative – Raymond Gichuki

[Warsaw, Poland] Ahead of the beginning of the 19th Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change taking place in Warsaw, Poland, the African Alliance of Rangeland Management and Development (AARMD) has together with a number of civil society groups around Africa that work for the realization of a healthy and just environment for the people petitioned US President Barack Obama to reconsider his Power Africa initiative, as well as congressional legislation meant to operationalize the initiative, including the Electrify Africa Act of 2013.

3. ADOT launches study on climate change effect to infrastructure: The Arizona Department of Transportation was recently selected to participate in a new federally funded pilot project that aims to enhance the department’s stewardship of our state’s transportation infrastructure, while underscoring the importance of maintaining a sound environment and a robust economy.

4. Amazing Image of Haiyan From SUOMI:

5. UN 2015 global climate change deal hopes low in Warsaw: Youtube:

6. Meeting on Climate Change Opened With Disaster in Philippines:


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