News Updates on Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines:

Climate Change News Updates: 11 November, 2013
News Updates on Typhoon Haiyan that destroyed thousands of lives and completely flattened islands in the Philippines:

1. ALERT! Given Typhoon #Haiyan, UN Must Fully Assess Climate Change Risk and Feedbacks
Typhoon Haiyan, believed to be the biggest storm on record to make landfall, clearly demonstrates the risk posed by extreme super storms intensified by abrupt climate change. Yet the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) – the United Nations science body that assesses the state of climate science – is failing to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment that takes into account amplifying positive feedbacks and worse case scenarios. Without such a transparent and comprehensive climate risk assessment, that is free of government interference, the world finds it difficult to assess climate risk and is unlikely to embrace urgent emissions cuts, protect and restore ecosystems, and implement a global carbon tax. Demand such reforms at the IPCC.

2. Typhoon Haiyan: desperate survivors and destruction in flattened city
Survivors in coastal Philippine city of Tacloban queue hundreds deep at airport in effort to leave chaos behind
The coastal city of 222,000 inhabitants bore the brunt of 195mph winds as the strongest storm ever recorded tore off roofs and destroyed evacuation centres.

3. Aid efforts begin after typhoon Haiyan kills 10,000 in Philippines – Sunday’s developments
• 10,000 people are reported dead in the central Philippine province of Leyte
EU pledges initial €3m as international assistance efforts begin
• Haiyan becomes one of the strongest recorded storms ever to make landfall
• Philippines calls for help as relief effort gears up
• Many parts of Philippines inaccessible to government and aid, official say

4. Typhoon survivors in Tacloban, Philippines – in pictures
Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded, killed at least 10,000 people in the central Philippines province of Leyte, with coastal towns and the regional capital Tacloban devastated by huge waves

5. How you can help the typhoon Haiyan relief effort
Aid groups and charities are working to help those affected by the typhoon, which has killed thousands

6. Typhoon Haiyan relief effort hampered by extent of devastation, say aid groups
Charities warn of the logistics of bringing emergency aid to the millions affected in Philippines as first in overseas relief arrives

7. Typhoon reinforces need for global climate accord – Greens

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