Climate Change News Updates: 5 November 2013

Climate Change News Updates: 5 November 2013

1. Resilient Cities from Ahmedabad to Atlantic City Actively Prepare for Climate Change
President Obama’s executive order calling for federal agencies to build resilience against extreme weather is a fitting response on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. Climate change knows no boundaries and as its impacts become more widespread, key efforts at all levels of government are critical to address this growing global problem. Particularly vulnerable countries like India are similarly taking action to protect its people by preparing for present and future climate-related disasters.’s+Environmental+Experts)

2. Jordan’s Farmers Struggle to Weather Climate Change
Abu Waleed isn’t quite sure where to begin his litany of grievances. Bugs that chomp their way through the mint he grows, or the dry well that forces him to pump water from a half kilometre away? Or perhaps the 160 dinars he spent on spinach seeds only to see scant growth after planting. For the small community of farmers in the Zarqa river basin east of the capital Amman, industrial development, poor resource management and climate change have converged to create a perfect storm of problems that damage farmers’ produce and livelihoods and ultimately threaten food security in Jordan.

3. Carbon taxes, trading schemes should be part of government climate change efforts, OECD says
Carbon taxes and emissions-trading schemes are “the most cost-effective means” of cutting carbon and should take precedence in government efforts to tackle climate change, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development said on Monday. An assessment of climate change policies in 15 countries including Australia, China, France and Germany found the highest costs of carbon dioxide abatement are associated with subsidies for biofuels and feed-in tariffs that guarantee higher prices paid for power from renewable sources, the OECD said.

4. China issues annual report on addressing climate change
China published an annual report Tuesday on its efforts to address climate change in 2012. The report, entitled China’s Policies and Actions for Addressing Climate Change, was released before the opening of the Third Plenum of the 18th CPC Central Committee on Nov. 9. The report, composed of nine chapters, details the efforts that China has made in the past year to reduce CO2 emissions, and its contribution to global efforts to address climate change.

5. Top climate change scientists’ letter to policy influencers
As climate and energy scientists concerned with global climate change, we are writing to urge you to advocate the development and deployment of safer nuclear energy systems. We appreciate your organization’s concern about global warming, and your advocacy of renewable energy. But continued opposition to nuclear power threatens humanity’s ability to avoid dangerous climate change.

6. IPCC: climate change poses threat to global food supplies
A leaked draft of an IPCC report due in 2014 shows how climate change is already affecting food security around the world. The report, which a spokesperson for the IPCC described as a “work in progress”, is likely to change before it is fully released in March 2014. However it lays out in concerning detail the conclusions of recent research on how climate change is affecting the world’s food supplies today, and how it is likely to in the future.

7. Is climate change a socialist plot?
In the past year, we have heard from several right-of-centre members of the media-political elite in Australia – some of whom dined together at Kirribilli House on the weekend – that climate change is exaggerated for the purposes of introducing a “socialist” carbon tax.

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