23-26 October 2013 – Cattle Rally



Jameen Adhikar Andolan – Gujarat (JAAG)

A-302, Sharan Residency-1, Near Lohana Chhatralaya, Vasna, Ahmedabad
Contact: Lalji Desai 9727589344 Sagar Rabari 9409307693

Date: 21 October 2013


Cattle rally by Maldharisvillage Hansalpur to Gandhinagar

The Maruti Suzuki Company had been given land in village Hansalpur, which falls in the proposed Mandal-bechraji SIR. Part of that land was the village grazing land. The village has a cattle population of at least 500-600 which are absolutely essential for the survival of farmers, Maldharis and others. After allocation to Maruti Suzuki it is a mere 50 bighas when the need is for upwards of 200 acres. When there is not enough grazing land / pastoral land for the existing cattle in the first place, allowing Maruti Suzuki to set up its manufacturing plant will displace and dis-employ thousands of Maldharis. On this issue, when the CM met the representatives of the agitation and they raised this issue, the CM had assured them that the Revenue Minister would be looking at this issue and if an amicable solution is not found he would intervene. Till date this issue has not been resolved and hence the Maldharis have decided to bring their cattle to Gandhinagar for handing them over to the Government’s care.

They will traverse a distance of 80 kms. The route they will take is:
Village Hansalpur – Vithlapur (lunch) – Ughroj – Dekavada (23rd night halt) – Detroj – Sangpur – Dhoriya – Alusana/Sadra – Jadavpur (lunch) – Sarkaripura/Balasar – Kadi – Budasana – Indrod/Ankhol – Chhatral (24th night halt) – Hotel Amrit – Ambikanagar – Sahij – Kalol – Shertha (25th night halt) – Gandhinagar (12 noon on 26th).

We urge you to join this protest march in large numbers to show solidarity with the protesting villages.

Lalji Desai Sagar Rabari
Jameen Adhikar Aandolan – Gujarat (JAAG)


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