Press Release: Acquittal in Laxmanpur Bathe Massacre, a Complete Failure of Criminal Justice System in India

Press Release:  Acquittal in Laxmanpur Bathe Massacre, a Complete Failure of  Criminal Justice System in India

 14th October, 2013:  NAPM expresses its Outrage over the Judgment of Patna High Court on Laxmanpur Bathe Massacre of 1997, in which 58 Dalits including 27 women and 16 children were killed allegedly by members of the Ranbir Sena, a private militia of landlords. All the 26 accused in this case, who were convicted on April, 2010 by the session’s judge, are acquitted now on the basis of the ‘benefit of the doubt’ by the High Court. 

It’s shocking and a complete failure of Criminal Justice System in India; that even after 16 years of the massacre, the victims’ families have no justice. The mishandling of the case by prosecution, “Myopic Attitude” of Political Parties towards the incident, have all colluded resulting in this Injustice. It’s even more appalling that the entire case was not even reported by mainstream media, which gave more space to sensationalism than real people’s issues. 

Appealing against the Judgment in Supreme Court, by the Bihar Government, is not enough. NAPM demands that the state government must provide protection for the Victims’ families from any further incidents and must ensure speedy and full justice to them.

This entire episode, reminds us about the need to reform our judicial system that needs to be made more democratic and representative. NAPM also Demands that Justice Amir Das commission be reinstated at the earliest and the government must act on its recommendations in transparent and effective manner. We also demand that a transparent commission of legal experts to be formed and facilitated to ensure that justice is delivered in Supreme Court. 

 Kamayani Swamy                Ashish Ranjan                Mahendra Yadav           Saraswati Kavula         Ramakrishna Raju     Sudhir Vombetekere            Gabriele Dietrich                   Seela M                        Shashank Rajwadi                Madhuresh Kumar

National Alliance of People’s Movements
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