Climate Change news updates: 31 October, 2013

1 October 2013 Climate Change News Updates 1. India among world economies at risk of climate change impact India is among the "extreme risk" countries of the world where economic impacts of climate change will be most keenly felt by 2025, according to new research released on Wedesday. 2. Climate Change Alters Timing Of... Continue Reading →


Only Woman Running for Afghan President Gets Disqualified |

Khadija Ghaznawi says she knows exactly how to end the long-simmering conflict in Afghanistan: build more factories. A logistics company owner by profession and peace activist on the side, Ghaznawi says that if the government had been diligent about creating more jobs for Afghans, militants would ha... via Only Woman Running for Afghan President Gets... Continue Reading →

Indonesia’s Native species threatened by Climate Change

Indonesia is a nation of 250 million people scattered across hundreds of islands that would be vulnerable to climate change from rising sea levels. But it\'s also a big contributor to the global problem, being among the largest emitters of greenhouse gases after China and the United States. via Indonesia Forests Dwindle Despite Protection, Spurring... Continue Reading →

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