Whose independence you are celebrating?

while we (women) are harassed tortured

molested, raped and killed brutally

Every moment in this country…..


While we are sold as commodities

while you preserve the age old in the market feudal

“Deudari system” in G.B. Road. Sonagachi, Malisahi……

Saying “sex workers”

Whose independence are you celebrating……..


While you burnt down my houses

slaughtered my children……..

You paraded naked my mothers and sisters

Gang raped and lynched brutally


Whose independence you are celebrating???


While you drove out us from our home

destroyed our lives, land and forest

made us beggars and commodities

for your “DEVELOPMENT”

killed us saying “MAOIST, NAXALISTS”

Whose independence are you celebrating???


While you lynched my unborn baby

slashing womb of her mother in Gujrat,

Kandhamal, Bihar, Delhi….

Demolished my Masques, Churches and Gurudwaras

Hanged me saying “TERROROST”

Whose independence are you celebrating ??????


While you raped in Kashmir, Manipur, Assam, Nagaland

You raped Chhatisgarh, Jharkhand and Odisha……

Whose Independence are you celebrating??????


— Untouchable India, (JNU)

sent by email by Asit Das


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