Communal Violence in Muzaffar Nagar

Khudai Khidmatgar with other Civil Society Organised Strategic and planning meeting about Communal Violence in Muzaffar Nagar.

Khudai Khidmatgar with other Social Organisation hold a meeting to discuss and the worse situation due to communal violence happened in Muzaffar Nagar of Western Uttar Pradesh.
As soon as Khudai Khidmatgar got the new about Communal Violence in and around Muzaffar Nagar an emergency step took to send the fact finding team of Khudai Khidmatgar to Muzaffar Nagar to analyse the situation that arises in the area, which leads to clashes between Jats and Muslims that have been worsened the situation and entirely affecting the peaceful living of the People in the region. Even though Government has directed the Military to bring Control of the situation but team that visited has submit its report that, there is a need to work on the longer period of time on the both side to normalise the situation as well as proposed some plans to act for sooner solution.

The Organisations participated:
Khudai Khidmatgar, Asha Parivar, NAPM, Sadbhav Mission, Jagriti Sewa Sansthan, -DU students , -JMI students , National Youth Project, The Legend, IIT Delhi students , Mewat Foundation.
Participants Suggestions:
Faisal Khan:
1. A Joint Delegation consist of Hindus and Muslims from Khudai Khidmatgar will work in Muzaffar Nagar on the basis of work did by Mahatma Gandhi Ji at Nava Khali, for promoting Peace and harmony in the violence affected area.
2. The Migrated Peoples who are residing now at Camps should be return to their respective palces with the help of top 20 Women Activist who believed in Secularism, Peace and Gandhian ideology.
Riyaz Bhai:
1. The Khudai Khidmatgar National Head quarter must organise and should be continues contact with the people in the affected areas.
Kumudh Ranjan:
1. Literature like Shanti Paat and Communal Harmony should be distributed to the Locals of Muzaffar Nagar.
2. Sadhavna Dawat- Get To gather should organise between small groups of People from both the side.
Neeraj Kumar:
1. Shanti Prarthana- Sarvadharm Prarthana (Prayer) should organise in the area with the help of Eminent Gandhians like Subharao Ji and others.
Nehal Ahmed:
1. The Long time issues of Minorities should be made awareness and that will make to solve these forms of problems.
Noor Nawaz Khan:
1. The literature that consist of peace and brotherhood message should be distributed to all the people.
2. Request to be made by the Prominent Leaders of the both the Community should be made for maintaining peace and harmony.
3. A delegation should meet the MP’s and MLA’s of the region to support for promoting peace.

Strategies or plans made in the final stage of the meeting:
1. As soon as the Feasible transportation facility opened towards Muzaffar Nagar, a delegation consist of Prof.Tripathy Ji, Faisal Khan and other members will meet the Leaders of both the Religion.
2. After 15 days a Delegation named as Aman Caravan will work in the violence affected area with the people to promote peace and harmony, it will be co-ordinated by Kumud Ranjan, Nehal, Wasi, Sunita Jain, Verma Ji, Saleem.
3. A memorandum should be submitted to all the Political Leaders of Western UP regarding the violence and request them to take all forms of necessary steps towards peace initiative.
4. The migrated victims will be placed in their own places with the help of top 20 prominent Women Activists.
5. Literature on Communal Harmony will be circulated in wider range to aware the people on the necessity of Harmony and unity.

Thanking You
Inamul Hasan
Secretary, Khudai Khidmatgar,
New Delhi
99 11 29 22 35






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