Press Release

A peace march against war on Syria was jointly organised today at the US Embassy in New Delhi by more than 20 peace groups, citizens groups, students associations, wormen’s organisations and workers’ groups. More than 100 people particpated in the peace march and raised voice against war and immediate initiation of peaceful dialogue as the only solution for the civil war in Syria.

Several eminent citizens, academicians, artists, writers and activists attended the Peace March, including Kamla Bhasin, Prof. Achin Vanaik, Prof. Mohan Rao, Himanshu Kumar, Seema Mustafa, PT George, Madhuresh Kumar and others.

The participation demanded immediate halt to the war mongering on Syria. The Chemical Weapons Convention must be universalised and negotiations for a WMD-Free Zone in Middle East must convened at the earliest which has been stalled because of reluctance on the part of Israel which is the only nuclear weapon states in the region, about whose weapons there is complete silence in the international community.

Prof. Achin Vanaik said the Indian government should take a clear position against military intervention in Syria, because leaving it to the UN decision might not ensure peace, as UN in several cases has been maneuvered by the US and its allies to sanction their wars. Eminent peace and womens rights activists Kamla Bhasin emphasised the need to oppose violence at every level. Wars are extreme forms of violence that manifests itself at all levels including violence on women and weaker section and communal rights. Himanshu Kumar pointed out that US and the entire global elite need wars to divert attention from real issues of poverty and marginalisation.

An ‘Indian People’s Appeal Against War on Syria’ signed by more than 300 people was released at the event. []


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