Protest against John Kerry’s Visit to India

Podcast Link: Protest against John Kerry’s Visit to India

No to further dilution of India’s Nuclear Liability Act for US corporations!

No to Kerry’s pro-GM misadventures!

No to drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan! Hands off Syria! Hands off Iran!! FREE PALESTINE!!!

Protest against John Kerry’s visit to New Delhi on MONDAY 24 June 3 pm at Jantar Mantar

Dear Friends,

We protest against the visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry for the 4th Annual Strategic Dialogue between India and the United States. The United States has been trying to subvert the Nuclear Liability Act, mandated by the Indian parliament, to ensure a liability-free playing field for the US nuclear corporates like Westinghouse and General Electric. Indian people have not forgotten the Bhopal experience where Union Carbide, now Dow Chemicals, got away with only meager compensation for the thousands of victims.

John Kerry has been supporting Genetically Modified (GM) foods and monstrous corporations like Monsanto. Very recently, he promoted GM at the World Food Prize Foundation which awarded three pro-GM scientists, even as the entire world has rose in opposition to GM-food.

Pushing India further into the mess created by the US in Afghanistan will be another important agenda during John Kerry’s visit, which must be opposed strongly.

This joint protest also raises its voice against the recently unearthed global surveillance by the US where even the allies are under close and constant watch of the NSA.

We also demand that the US should back off from Syria where a brutal civil war between two armed parties is on and a partisan intervention will only further erode stability and peace. We firmly believe that a people’s democratic mass movement in Syria can be the only genuine way to oppose the present regime.

We also oppose the larger designs of US imperialism which is responsible for unbearable violence on people from Palestine to Afghanistan and Iraq, and the American war-mongering against Iran. We strongly oppose the illegal and indiscriminate killings of innocent people by the US drones.







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