Global Day of Action On McDonald’s – 6 June 2013, New Delhi

Global Day of Action
On McDonald’s

1. Freedom of association for all McDonald’s workers world-wide

2. End abuse and retaliation against international contract labour at all McDonald’s Restaurants world-wide

In Delhi-NCR, Supported by

Society for Labour


Global Day of Action on McDonald’s
We express our solidarity with the Global Day of Action on McDonald’s (initiative of National Guestworker Alliance, USA), which is being organized in more than 20 countries on 6th of June, 2013. Over 45 Unions and Organizations from across 30 countries have signed up for the Global Day of Action against McDonald’s. McDonald’s agents recruit low-wage temporary international workers (on J-1 visas) from the poor and developing countries to come to work in McDonald’s franchises in the United States. These international migrant workers are provided employment erratically with as few as 4 hours of work a week at $7.25 an hour, with exorbitant housing deductions that have brought their net pay far below minimum wages. They live in treacherous conditions in employer owned basements with 8-10 students to a room and often face threats of deportation if they resist. Most of these workers have invested around $3000-4000 to come to the US. On March 6, these workers went on a strike to expose severe exploitation and retaliation at McDonald’s restaurants in the United States. They joined U.S. workers and union leaders in demanding that the fast food giant take responsibility for labor abuse at its restaurants.
We demand an end to abuse and retaliation against the contract labor in all the McDonald’s restaurants worldwide. We also demand that McDonald’s guarantee Freedom of Association and recognize the Right to Organize for all McDonald’s workers worldwide. It is imperative that McDonald’s ensures fair wages, decent working conditions and rights of international migrant workers both at the workplace and at the community level. There is a need to instate strict labour codes of conduct within retail food chains and ensure mandatory implementation at the global level.
In India, FDI in food retail and entry of global food giants into the domestic market has created negative impact in at least 3 spheres; employment, food security and nutritional diet. An unregulated spread and entry of giant global food chains like McDonald’s destroys the growth and spread of indigenous vendors, small food chains, and restaurants. This has adverse impact on employment generation and in fact leads to loss of jobs in small restaurants. On the other hand, these global fast food chains have failed to ensure that employment in this sector is inclusive and long term. There is no scope for building a career for employees within the retail food sector. Moreover, the contract farming to supply food materials in such big restaurant chains pose a danger to India’s food security as aspect of sustainability of agricultural land is deliberately neglected. Several researches have shown that food items in global fast food chains are causing several ill-effects on the consumers’ health. It is time for the policy-makers to pay serious attention to all these issues. We appeal to all to support in raising these issues at the national and global level.

Society for Labour and Development



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