ADB and the Odd International travel advisories for India


Judging by the travel guidelines issued by various countries to their citizens travelling to India – from being duped into marriage to being slain by our terrible driving skills or attacked by stray dogs – it seems that the foreign traveller has a lot to worry about.

All of the above guidelines, that were part of a concerned, comprehensive list that promised to protect one from everything from sexual harassment to hepatitis, were issued by the Asian Development Bank when 4000 of its delegates were set to visit Greater Noida for its annual meet. It also had hawk-eyed observations that would help them not hurt our feelings by their insensitive actions, such as wearing leg-baring attire or holding hands. Maybe they thought the area has had no outside contact since the Brits left us alone and were just trying to be nice, but the travel advisory was later removed from their website, after sniggers and disbelief probably assured them that we could handle it.


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