We the undersigned are extremely appalled and outraged by the arbitrary arrest of Comrade Abhay Sahoo at Bhubaneshwar airport by Odisha Police. This outright despicable patently illegal act was made to appease the Posco company’s blood sucking appetite to drain the life blood from Odisha, it’s land, water, minerals, forests and culture. Millions of people are filled in false encounters, jailed, tortured and externed to suppress the peoples struggle to save their land, forests, mines and undemocratic aspirations to freedom and right to self-determination.

The men, women and children have been waging a heroic battle against Naveen Patnaik since 2005 to save their land, water, seashore, rivers, field, livelihood habitat and culture. The Chief Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaik the sick imperialist bootlicker has unleashed the most brutal form of repression against the struggling people led by Posco Pratirodh Sangram Samitee.

This comprador cobra Naveen Patnaik on behalf of his imperial masters bared his fangs again by arresting Comrade Abhay Sahoo. This favorite butler of Uncle Sam Naveen Patnaik from the day one of the heroic anti-POSCO struggle has created suffocating blockade around the anti-POSCO struggle villages turning them into virtual concentration camps.  Hundreds of people were arbitrarily arressted, false criminal cases are imposed on almost 90% of the people in the area.  Such is the repressive stranglehold that people of the area cannot go out for marketing, marriages or medical emergencies. This lackey of imperialism Naveen Patnaik is so eager to please his imperial masters that he has been overactive in brutally repressing the people’s resistance to save their lands, livelihoods, mines, forests, waters, culture and democratic aspirations. The trail of blood runs from Kashipur to Kalinganagar, Narayanpatna to POSCO, Nyamgiri to South Odisha.

In the neoliberal era the Indian ruling classes have bared their fangs to facilitate the imperial loot of the natural resources in this country. The caste, class, and patriarchal nature of the Indian state is bared every second in this country.  On the orders of his bosses in Washington, it has unleashed the most cruellest form of white terror in POSCO, Nandigram, Lalgarh, Chattisgarh, Dandkarnya, Telangana, North East and Kashmir.  Only for the super profits of national and International big business. In fact what we are witnessing today is obscene display of sadistic and ruthless twenty first century primitive accumulation. In this process of violent accumulation through dispossession millions of people are dispossessed from their land, livelihood, culture and commons to join the rank of the reserved army of labor who fill in the ranks of the urban underclass to be equally exploited by the urban elite. This sick clown of the imperial circus Manmohan Singh whose intellectual training was done in the Bretton Wood institutions, as soon as he became the prime minister to declare a war on the Indian people, to hand their lands, waters and mines for imperialist exploitation. He declared the poorest of the poor in this country the heroic adivasis who are resisting to defend their livelihoods as the biggest internal threat. Another henchman of the Wall Street Chidambaram unleashed a cruel war on the adivasis named as Operation Greenhunt. In the process they have killed, tortured, maimed and imprisoned thousands of adivasis and working people. During the combing operations women are molested and raped and their jewelry looted. All this to play into the super profits of the hungry finance capital and predatory industrialization!

However, the people of India have refused to cow down in front of the Indian state. There is a fierce resistance going on from Dandakarnya to Jangalamahal, from POSCO to Nagari, from Jehanabad to Ranchi. In fact we salute the heroic men women and children of the anti-Posco struggle villages, which have become an advanced outpost of the anti-imperialist resistance in this country.  We condemn

1)    the arrests of Comrade Abhay Sahoo and demand his immediate release

2)    withdrawal of all false cases of the people of Antiposco struggle villages

3)    crapping of the POSCO and all the MOUs in Orissa

4)    resignation of Naveen Patnaik who has unleashed brutal repression on the struggling people of Orissa

 1. Student for resistance                                                                                      DELHI

2.Chittaranjan Singh               National Secretary                                                 PUCL

3. Dr. Anand Teltumbde                 CPDR- Mumbai

4. Kiran Shaheen                           Women for water democracy                           Delhi

5. Ranjana Padhi                          Women against sexual violence- and state repression (WSS)  Delhi

6.  Kaveri Rajaraman                          WSS                                             BANGLORE

7.  Anirban Kar                                   SANHATI                                                   Delhi

8.  Rakesh Ranjan                             NAVROJ                                                        Delhi

9.  Sumati Pannikar                 Viplav Sanskritik Manch                                      Delhi

10. Shweta Tripathy                SRUTI                                                                                Delhi

11. Swati Birla                                    SANHATI                                                 Mumbai

12. Wilfred D costa                INSAF                                                                             Delhi

13.  P.K. Sundaram                 Research Scholar                                                  JNU
14.  Usman                                  Research Scholar                                               JNU

15.  Asit Das                           POSCO Pratirodh Solidarity                                 Delhi

Note: Please mail your endorsement to Asit’s Email ID:




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