People’s Hearing on Fabricated Cases – Audio Files

This slideshow requires JavaScript. Sahoo_POSCO.mp3

Soni Sori Case by SAHELI TEAM:
Dr. Sunilam:
Jaitapur– Vaishali Patil:

Praful Bidwai: Bidwai.mp3
SEEMA AZAD (29MB) uploaded at:

Shahina KK (37MB) at:
Colin Gonsalves
Kazmi case:

Manisha Sethi – JTSA:
Ajay TG (Chhatisgarh): TG.mp3

T Mohammed- Email Surveillance Victims of Kerala: surveillance Kerala.mp3
Gujarat Cases: Zakiya Soman Qamarjehan.mp3

DHRM Kerala: DHRM.mp3

Maudany Case- Dr. Sebastin Paul & :Omar Mukhtar: Dr Sebastin Paul Omar Mukhtar.mp3

Kashmir Anjum Zamrud Habib: Anjum.mp3
Nagaland Kaka D Iralu: KAKA.mp3
Manipur Neena & Babloo : Neena Babloo.mp3
Preeti Chauhan – PUDR: Preeti Chauhan.mp3

Justice Rajendar Sachar: R Sachar.mp3
Jury Recommends: recommends.mp3




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