ViBGYOR Film Festival-2013: CALL for Entries

Sub: ViBGYOR Film Festival-2013: CALL for Entries

Welcome to the 8th Edition of ViBGYOR International Film Festival for Short & Documentary films, to be held in Thrissur, Kerala, India from February 7-12, 2013! You may submit your films (documentary/short-fiction/music video/animation/spot/experimental) that pertain to any `spectrum’ (see below) for SELECTION PREVIEW. An eminent panel of Jury will select the final set of films for ViBYOR-2013. The last date for film submissions is November 15th, 2012.

We insist on Online Film submission procedure, for which you may visit and also refer to Film Submission Guidelines and FAQ. For any difficulty/problem with online film entry procedure, please send queries to or contact us at: 91-9447000830/91-9447893066

Film Spectrum:

One may enter films under `FOCUS OF THE YEAR’ package or `ViBGYOR’ Theme package/s or `KERALA SPECTRUM’ package. The theme for the `Focus of the Year-2013’ package is ‘Stolen Democracies’. There are seven themes under the ViBGYOR package, namely: 1) Identities 2) Rights 3) Gender & Sexualities 4) Fundamentalism & Diversity 5) Developmentalism 6) Nation State and 7) Culture & Media. Only films made by filmmakers residing in Kerala will be considered under Kerala Spectrum package, which showcases documentaries, short fiction and `Focus-Children’ films based on `Kerala’ themes. (On the Entry Form you will find `International/National/Kerala Spectrum’ distinction, which we maintain only for the sake of considering films eligible for Film Fellowship).

i)        Only films completed and released after 1st January 2011 could be entered. Films once entered at ViBGYOR will not be accepted

ii)      There is an Entry Fee of INR.300for National/Kerala Spectrum entries and $10 for `International’ entries. You may submit more than one film, but each entry should comply with all submission requirements.

iii)    Please make sure that in the Online Film Entry form you provide with all mandatory information (marked with *), regarding each film entry.

iv)    Don’t forget to upload high resolution stills (around 1MB) of your film/s. Need to publish a high quality still, very significant to your film, in our Festival catalogue.

v)      Two DVD (PAL)copies should be submitted for Selection Preview purpose, without which we will not consider your entry.

vi)    For Final screening, we accept DVCAM, MiniDV and DVD as Exhibition copies (if your film is selected).

vii)  Send the film submission packets to: ViBGYOR, 2nd Floor Kalliath Square, Palace Road, Thrissur, 680 020, Kerala, India. Tel. 9447000830/9447893066 Please mention your Online Film Entry Registration number on all discs, packets and in all further communications.

viii)ViBGYOR is a non-competitive Film Festival; so there are no Awards. However we grant THREE Film Fellowships to three deserving young filmmakers whose films are entered under the National/Kerala Spectrum sections.

ix)    The filmmaker/a representative of all selected films is invited to attend the festival and assured of local hospitality. (ViBGYOR is not in a position to pay for travel expenses).

On behalf of the ViBGYOR Team,
Paul Joseph Kattookkaren(cell. 9447546417) President-ViBGYOR Film Collective
Sarat Cheloor  (9809477058)Secretary-ViBGYOR
Benny Benedict (9447000830),  National Coordinator


Aboriginal people in Australia Oppose Uranium Mining, And Its Export to India

Aboriginal people in Australia Oppose Uranium Mining, And Its Export to India

Fabricated Cases – People’s Hearing – Media Release

National Campaign against Fabricated Cases.                                               

 MEDIA RELEASE:  29 September, New Delhi 



New Delhi: ‘It has been established beyond doubt that the Indian police and investigative agencies have for years run a systematic campaign to brutalize citizens by way of punishing them for defending their homeland, farms and communities, or for simply belonging to a certain community that is labeled as being involved in terrorism’ said the interim jury recommendations at a two day peoples hearing on fabricated cases at the Constitution Club. Jury members included Justice Rajinder Sachar Dr. Ram Puniyani, Dr. Binayak Sen and journalists Saba Naqvi and Ajit Shahi.

The depositions from across the country thoroughly exposed the role of the Indian state in fabricating cases of sedition and terrorism to implicate tens of thousands of innocent citizens across India.

The Jury also noted that ‘the Indian judiciary has for the large part been complicit in giving the police a free pass in this evil endeavor. This  has only extended the ambit of misery that has incarcerated innocents for years, devastating lives and families’.

Saba Naqvi emphasized that the civil society groups, activists, and solidarity groups that work with the victims of fabricated cases and their families begin documenting in detail each such case around the country so that a single resource base is created to aid concerted action as well as to spread awareness.

Dr. Binayak Sen recommended that the campaigns explore the establishment of a legal support mechanism for the victims of fabricated cases so that they are supported throughout the life of their cases in pursuing a legal defense. He also added that the campaigns need to explore the possibility of bringing class actions suits and criminal law suits before the higher courts to plug the loopholes in the criminal jurisprudence system that lead to the fabrications.

Civil society groups at the meeting will ensure that National Human Rights Commission and the state human rights commissions be pressured to create special cells devoted exclusively to dealing with fabricated cases on sedition and terrorism.

The public hearing also recommended that the government be pressured to bring action against police officers who are established to have forged evidences and fabricated such cases of terrorism and sedition against innocent citizens.

It is also recommended that the campaigns work towards taking the issue of fabricated cases of sedition and terrorism to international civil rights forums, and evaluate the application of the various international protocols that relate to the practice of war.

On the second day of the peoples hearing depositions were made on behalf of Kerala politician Abdul Nasser Maudany by former MP Sebastian Paul and Omar Mukhtar, the eldest son of Maudany. Suresh Velamanoor from the Dalit Human Rights Movement (DHRM) spoke about how the Kerala police branded his organization as a terrorist outfit.

Anjum Habib from the Muslim Khwateen Markaz ( Muslim Womens Organisation) in Kashmir spoke about how she was falsely implicated under POTA and spent five years in Tihar Jail. Neena Ningombam and Babloo Loitongbam from Manipur spoke about tragic cases of more than 1500 young people who were killed in extra judicial encounters. Ningombam spoke about the loss of her husband in a fake encounter and her continuing struggle for justice not just for herself but hundreds of young widows in Manipur.

The final jury recommendations and report of the meeting will soon be released by the organizers. 


For more information contact: 

Wilfred D Costa- 011-26517814. Email:

P T George – 011-26560133. Email:

Sajeed K. –08891163485  Email:




People’s Hearing on Fabricated Cases – Audio Files

This slideshow requires JavaScript. Sahoo_POSCO.mp3

Soni Sori Case by SAHELI TEAM:
Dr. Sunilam:
Jaitapur– Vaishali Patil:

Praful Bidwai: Bidwai.mp3
SEEMA AZAD (29MB) uploaded at:

Shahina KK (37MB) at:
Colin Gonsalves
Kazmi case:

Manisha Sethi – JTSA:
Ajay TG (Chhatisgarh): TG.mp3

T Mohammed- Email Surveillance Victims of Kerala: surveillance Kerala.mp3
Gujarat Cases: Zakiya Soman Qamarjehan.mp3

DHRM Kerala: DHRM.mp3

Maudany Case- Dr. Sebastin Paul & :Omar Mukhtar: Dr Sebastin Paul Omar Mukhtar.mp3

Kashmir Anjum Zamrud Habib: Anjum.mp3
Nagaland Kaka D Iralu: KAKA.mp3
Manipur Neena & Babloo : Neena Babloo.mp3
Preeti Chauhan – PUDR: Preeti Chauhan.mp3

Justice Rajendar Sachar: R Sachar.mp3
Jury Recommends: recommends.mp3