National Fishworkers Forum Protests at Indian Parliament

URGENT – NFF invite for protest in front of Indian parliament 9th August 2012

National Fishworkers’ Forum has issued a call to observe 9th August, the Quit India Day as National Day of Protest. In solidarity with the nationwide protest, demonstration, & rallies of fishworkers, a sit-in demonstration and public meeting will be held in Delhi’s Jantar Mantar on the 9th August from 11am till 3pm. We invite you to join this protest in front of Indian parliament by leaders and fishworkers representatives from across the country.

We urge all support groups and solidarity organisations in Delhi to also endorse the following positions and demands of the fishworkers’ struggle:

·       The Government of India has recently issued 77 new Letters of Permit to foreign fishing vessels over and above 540 already existing permits. This is nothing but allowing loot of country’s fisheries resources by foreign agents at the cost of the Indian fishing communities. At a time when the fisheries resources in the near shore waters of the country is showing alarming signs of reduced yield affecting millions of coastal fish workers this act of the Government of India is abjectly anti-people.

We urge upon the Government of India to stop this anti-national act that pledges the country’s resources to foreign corporations. We demand that GoI cancel the LoP scheme forthwith.

·       The Government of India is planning to set up 40 Nuclear Power Plants on the coast of the country. This is going to destroy coastal ecology and severely affect the coastal and marine natural resources. The life and livelihood of millions of coastal fish workers is at stake. The life and livelihood of millions of coastal fish workers is at stake. From Haripur to Kudankulam and Jaitapur the coastal fishing communities, alongwith other coastal communities are fighting against this anti-people and ecocidal act of the Government.

We urge upon the Government of India to immediately stop this anti-people act and cancel the plan to set up Nuclear Power Plants including Kudamkulam and Jaitapur projects.

·       The Indian coastal fishing communities resent that the assurances given and agreements arrived during talks with the Government of India in the Ministry of Environment and Forests, in both pre and post CRZ 2011 proclamation period, have not been kept by the Government.

–       Violations of CRZ 1991 and 2011 have not been booked.

–       No step has been taken towards putting in place a comprehensive act on coastal conservation.

–       The guidelines to prepare Coastal Management Plan do not prescribe assessment of existing human stresses on the coast vis-à-vis its carrying capacity as a necessary exercise.

–       CRZ 2011 has failed to state that three representatives of the fishing communities will be taken in the National and State Coastal Zone Management Authorities.

We urge upon the Government of India to keep its words and take immediate action on the above mentioned issues.

Kindly join the protest demo and sit-in at Jantar Mantar on the 9th Aug.

With regards,

Narendra Patil & Ramakrishna Tandel

(On behalf of NFF)

V. Vivekanandan
(On Behalf of National Coastal Protection Campaign – NCPC)

Sanjeev Kumar (9958797409)

(On behalf of Delhi Solidarity Group)


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