NAPM Urges Anna Hazare and his Team to Call off Fast

NAPM Urges Anna Hazare and his Team to Call of Fast. Broaden Struggle. Collectively Develop an Alternative Political Culture

New Delhi, August 2: It is a matter of deep indignation that inspite of several movements and groups demanding a strong Lokpal, all the Central Governments have contemptuously ignored it. The present Government is no exception. We fully appreciate the dedication and hard work of Anna and his companions for this campaign against corruption which has again highlighted this movement across the country, and condemn the cynical silence of the Central Government which is refusing to give assurance that a strong Lokpal Bill will be brought in the following Parliamentary session and will also immediately initiate talks with all groups and parties in this matter.

We are concerned at the failing health of the activists on fast. It is unfortunate that the government has been ignoring decisions after many talks and negotiations on the legislation. We urge upon Anna Hazare and his colleagues to withdraw their fast in the larger interest of the struggle. The people, we have no doubt will certainly give a fitting reply to this contemptuous attitude of the Government towards the people’s demand.

The withdrawal of the fast now should lead us to broadening of the struggle with other social movements in the country and fight everyday forms of corruption ranging from massive economic corruption in various government programmes to utilisation and exploitation of natural resources by private and public corporations through laws like Land Acquisition Act, SEZ Act and so many other government policies. The effort should be to collectively develop an alternative political culture in which power will be vested with the Gram Sabhas and Basti Sabhas thus achieving the motto of power to the people.

Medha Patkar, Justice (Retd.) Rajindar Sachar, Advocate Sanjay Parikh, Maj. Gen (Retd.) Sudhir Vombatkere, Gabriele Dietrich, Arundhati Dhuru, Suhas Kolhekar, Vimal Bhai, Faisal Khan, Madhuresh Kumar.

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