Climate change ‘wiped out ancient Indus civilization’

Climate change `wiped out ancient Indus civilization`  Washington: The mysterious fall of one of the world’s first, great urban civilizations almost 4,000 years ago in what is now India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh now seems to have a key culprit — ancient climate change, researchers say. Once extending more than 1 million square kilometers across the plains of the Indus River from the Arabian Sea to the Ganges, the Indus civilization was the largest—but least known—of the first great urban cultures that also included Egypt and Mesopotamia

Colombia evictions: Residents bury themselves in protest

Residents from the northern Colombian town of Aguachica have protested against evictions by burying themselves in the ground. Almost 300 families are refusing to leave the site after they received an eviction warning, to make way for plans to build 2,000 low income houses, as part of the president’s promise to provide free housing for poor residents. The protesters are squatters who settled on the land several months ago.

Protester buried up to the neck


US, UK & 7 others expel Syrian envoys

PARIS: Governments around the world expelled Syrian ambassadors and diplomats on Tuesday, an unusual, coordinated blow to Syrian President Bashar Assad‘s regime following a gruesome massacre that the UN said involved close-range shootings of scores of children and parents in their homes. The United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands took action Tuesday against Syrian diplomats. Britain’s foreign secretary said the countries involved in Tuesday’s expulsions would also push for tougher sanctions against Syria

UN to issue warning on Flame computer virus

Nations to be told virus is a dangerous espionage tool that could potentially be used to attack critical infrastructure.

A United Nations agency charged with helping member nations secure their national infrastructures plans to issue a sharp warning about the risk of the “Flame” computer virus that was recently discovered in Iran and other parts of the Middle East. “This is the most serious [cyber] warning we have ever put out,” said Marco Obiso, cyber security coordinator for the UN’s Geneva-based International Telecommunications Union. The confidential warning will tell member nations that the Flame virus is a dangerous espionage tool that could potentially be used to attack critical infrastructure, he told Reuters news agency in an interview on Tuesday. “They should be on alert,” he said, adding that he believed Flame was likely built on behalf of a nation state.

Irate India questions rule of law in China

  BEIJING: The Yiwu kidnapping controversy took a new turn on Tuesday when the Indian embassy wrote a strong rejoinder to an article by a Chinese professor criticizing its advisory to Indians visiting China. The state-run paper, Global Times, published an article by a law professor which justified the kidnapping and beating of three Indian traders over business disputes. “It’s understandable that the sellers may adopt some radical actions to demand payment, given the potential damage to their business,” the article said. “Those Indian merchants who deliberately don’t pay for their goods betray the trust of their Yiwu counterparts and damage the interests of the sellers,” it said.

Increase financial support to UN body: India

New York: India has called on the international community to increase its financial support to the United Nations’ body dealing with women’s empowerment, to help it meet the global commitments of gender equality. Addressing the annual session of UN Women‘s executive board yesterday, India’s Permanent Representative to the UN Hardeep Singh Puri said work on gender equality and empowerment of women continues to remain “chronically underfunded”. Puri said in order to ensure that UN Women stands for action, the donor community must move beyond the political rhetoric of just stated commitments, and transform them into the much needed monetary support for the organisation.

Vatican scandal: Pope wounded by Gabriele’s betrayal

 Vatican scandal: Pope wounded by Gabriele`s  betrayal Vatican City: In a major disclosure in one of the Vatican’s biggest scandals in decades, the Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi on Tuesday said “Pope Benedict XVI feels betrayed by his butler, who was arrested during an investigation into Vatican whistle blowers, and is determined to root moles out.” Leading Italian newspapers had reported on Monday that the pope’s butler was arrested three days ago for allegedly feeding documents to Italian journalists and was he was not involved alone in this act, and that an unidentified cardinal is suspected of playing a major role in the scandal.

Iran sends troops to Syria

 Tehran: Iran has sent its troops to help the regime of embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad fight opposition forces, a senior commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards has said. “Before our presence in Syria, too many people were killed by the opposition but with the physical and non-physical presence of the Islamic republic, big massacres in Syria were prevented,” said Ismail Gha’ani, deputy head of the Quds force, a branch of the Revolutionary Guards in charge of overseas operations.

Suu Kyi visits Myanmar migrants in Thailand

Mahachai: In her first trip abroad in nearly a quarter-century, Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi will on Wednesday visit impoverished Burmese migrants in Thailand. The migrants’ flight to neighbouring Thailand is emblematic of the devastation wrought on her homeland by decades of misrule. Fixing a battered economy is one of the most crucial challenges facing Myanmar, also known as Burma, as it opens up in the wake of 49 years of military governance that ended only last year.

UK: Court to rule on extradition of Julian Assange

UK: Court to rule on extradition of Julian AssangeLondon: Britain’s Supreme Court is due to rule on Wednesday whether to approve the extradition of WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange to Sweden, a potential turning point in the Internet activist‘s controversial career. Assange has spent the better part of two years fighting attempts to send him to Sweden, where he is accused of sex crimes stemming from a visit to the country in the summer of 2010.