India in Rape Crisis

Unintended consequences: India's rape crisis As India's economy booms, modernity and tradition collide vibrantly and violently in cities like New Delhi.  

IFIs in India

1. Selection of Jim Yong Kim as World Bank president is impossible to condone but easy to explain: 2. Mumbai railways set to split from national body; World Bank funds to help: 3. World Bank estimate, 15 per cent of India’s population is affected with a disability.: 4. Briefly Business: UN chief discusses MDG with India Inc: 5. Remittances to... Continue Reading →

Climate Change Issues in India

1. Equity, global climate policy and climate negotiations: 2. India to pump in Rs 2 lakh cr in 12th Plan to save climate: 3. Danger ahead: 4. Green market slide worries Indian companies - Global demand for carbon credits, especially in Europe for economic reasons, has been declining since 2010: 5. Preparing for biodiversity summit:

Nuclear Issues in India – Updates 30 April 2012

1. NPC completes formalities to open reactor pressure vessel. Hopes to begin generation by June or early July: 2. Demonstration against filing of cases - Members of Coastal People's Federation staging a demonstration in Tuticorin on Sunday: 3. India, Japan to hold economic dialogue, discuss n-deal: 4. An act of atonement: 5. Indo-US nuke deal my proudest moment, says Condi Rice: 6. 'Pak... Continue Reading →

SEZ and Land Issues – Updates 30 April 2012

1. State should change its policies on SEZ: Somnath - Former Lok Sabha speaker Somnath Chatterjee said the state should change its policies regarding special economic zones (SEZs) and reconsider certain cases in the interest of the state. Link: 2. PM aide Nair rubbishes allegations of being involved in Bangalore land scam - 3. Now, cops blame industry for... Continue Reading →

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