Mumbai’s Maximum number of poor/below poverty line live in Andheri


c/o NAPM, Room No 29-30, Ist Floor, A Wing, haji Habib Building, Naigaon Cross Road, Dadar (E), Mumbai 14

Press Release                                                                                                             5th March 2012

  • Maximum number of poor/below poverty line are in Andheri in Mumbai.
  • Dharavi has less poor than Andheri.
  • Development of Mumbai leaving behind and ignoring its poor.

As per the Below Poverty Line (BPL) survey conducted by BMC, Andheri has the maximum number of BPL-poor people in Mumbai. According to the survey the number of BPL families in Andheri is more than one lakh which is even more than Mankhurd which has the lowest Human Developemnt Index (HDI) for Mumbai. The BPL no for Andheri is even more than the no of BPL families in Dharavi. G North ward under which Dharavi falls has only 30,000 BPL.

The BPL list were declared by the MCGM after a Public Interest Litigation (27 of 2011) was filed at Bombay High Court by Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan and slum activists Jammela Begum & Durgavati, BMC has now declared the result of the Below Poverty Line (BPL) survey carried out in the year 2005-06. According to the survey, around 4,94,000 families have been declared as BPL, meaning around 25 lakh people in Mumbai are below poverty line. For Mumbai the below poverty line has been defined as a daily income of Rs 20 per day per person. This means that in Mumbai there are around 25 lakh people who are not even able to earn Rs 20 every day and thus they live on as low as this an amount every day.

A high increase in the number of BPL families in Mumbai proves beyond doubt that the policies and the plans of the government is leading to further deterioration in the condition of the people. Rather than any improvement in the status of the poor, rather more and more families are being pushed in the poverty trap which is just a manifestation of the growing inequality for which the policies of the government are responsible. The growing threat on the lives, livelihoods and houses of the working class is directly leading to growing number of families that are poor.

A band-aid solution of poverty alleviation programmes and plans is not going to be of any use, until and unless the state and the civil society revisits and revises its development paradigm, which today is anti-people while favouring the corporate and the private developers.

Simpreet Singh Sumit Wajale     Jameela Begum



WARD AREA No of Families declared BPL HDI Index
A Ward Fort 797 13
B Ward Masjid 2757 5
C Ward Girgaon 1000 2
D Ward Nanachowki 3047 1
E Ward Byculla 26198 14
F North Matunga 1360 21
F south Parel 259 8
G South Elphinstone 21210 11
G North Dadar 30464 18
H West Bandra 8271 7
H East Santa Cruz 20823 20
K East Andheri East 79107 9
K West Andheri West 38517 10
L Ward Kurla 43476 23
M East Ward Mankhurd 65051 24
M West Chembur 15052 22
N Ward Ghatkopar 19742 16
P South Goregaon 7471 12
P North Malad 29580 19
R South Kandivali 23179 15
R Central Borivali 15874 3
R North Dahisar 1248 6
S Ward Bhandup 14283 17
T Ward Mulund 3000 4


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